Shaun Lewin

Shaun Lewin

Technical Instructor

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

I am the GeoMapping Unit's Geospatial technologist, supporting staff and students in the analysis and representation of spatial data. I also create conventional and interactive maps, time series animations and data visualisations for publication.

The GeoMapping Unit (see for more details) is part of the School of Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences. It supports and promotes the use of digital and conventional mapping, geospatial data, satellite imagery and GIS for staff and students, primarily within SoGEES, but also to the wider University. If you are unsure who to contact individually e-mail:

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Stokes M, Mather A, Angel R, Kearsey S & Lewin S 2018 'Anatomy, Age and Origin of an Intramontane Top Basin Surface (Sorbas Basin, Betic Cordillera, SE Spain)' Quaternary , DOI Open access
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Enever R, Lewin S, Reese A & Hooper T 2017 'Mapping fishing effort: Combining fishermen’s knowledge with satellite monitoring data in English waters' Fisheries Research 189, 67-76 , DOI
Telfer MW, Fyfe RM & Lewin S 2015 'Automated mapping of linear dunefield morphometric parameters from remotely-sensed data' Aeolian Research 19, 215-224 , DOI
Geach MR, Stokes M, Telfer MW, Mather AE, Fyfe RM, Lewin & S 2014 'The application of geospatial interpolation methods in the reconstruction of Quaternary landform records' Geomorphology 216, 234-246 , DOI
Daley TJ, Mauquoy D, Chambers FM, Street-Perrott FA, Hughes PDM, Loader NJ, Roland TP, van Bellen S, Garcia-Meneses P & Lewin S 2012 'Investigating late Holocene variations in hydroclimate and the stable isotope composition of precipitation using southern South American peatlands: an hypothesis' Climate of the Past 8, (5) 1457-1471 , DOI
Chaney F, Fisher BF & Gerrard L 2015 When Site Lost the Plot.
Lewin S 2015 'A brief history of Transcendence in Maps' When Site Lost the Plot
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