Dr Sharon Beckett

Dr Sharon Beckett

Lecturer in Criminology (Education)

School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

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  • Workplace violence
  • Workplace bullying
  • Violence
  • Victimisation
  • Workplace
  • Gender


Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies. I currently teach across a range of programmes including the foundation and the criminology degree programme. I teach a wide range of modules, including Crime and Deviance, Systemic Violence and Comparative Criminology. 


I graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2008 having gained a degree in Criminal Justice Studies with Psychology (BSc). During my studies, I developed a keen interest in workplace violence. Having gained my degree, I then studies and was awarded a Masters degree Social Research (2009). Throughout my studies I further developed my interest in workplace violence, exploring violence and abuse across a range of occupations. Following this, I continued my educational journey and studied at doctoral level. The focus of my studies remained in the vein of workers and their experiences of violence. The focus of my PhD centered on a neglected section of the labour force and explored women's experiences of workplace violence. In 2015, I was awarded my PhD. The title of my thesis is women's experiences of workplace violence (2015). Following the successful completion of my PhD, I later gained a Postgraduate certificate in academic practice (PGCAP), a British teaching qualification for university lecturers. 



Teaching interests

Research Interests: the workplace, particularly the harms experienced by front-line workers, workers more generally and working women.

Additional Interests: gender studies, victimology, green criminology, historical crime particularly that of Cornwall. 



Research interests

My main interest lies with the workplace and the types of violence experienced within including organisational violence.  



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


Transforming Rehabilitation: The impact of austerity and privatisation on day-to-day cultures and working practices in ‘probation’

Walker S, Annison CJ & Beckett S (2019) 'Transforming Rehabilitation: The Impact of Austerity and Privatisation on Day-to-Day Cultures and Working Practices in 'Probation'' Probation Journal 66, (1) 113-130 , DOI Open access