Dr Robin Peel

Dr Robin Peel

Visiting Research Fellow

School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Reader in English


Ph D University of Exeter

MA University of Nottingham

BEd University of Nottingham

Professional membership

Robin Peel is a member of the Higher Education Academy.



Teaching interests

Robin Peel leads modules on Edwardian Writing (at both BA and Masters level) and on the American South.



Research interests

Robin Peel’s most recent research interests have been the relationship between politics and writing in the work of Sylvia Plath, Edith Wharton and Emily Dickinson. As part of this research he has spent time as a visiting scholar at Smith College, Massachusetts and at Harvard University. In recent years he has been awarded an Everett Helm research fellowship at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, and a Modern Literature research fellowship at the Robert W. Woodruff Library, Atlanta University. He has also carried out research into the Wharton papers held at the Beinecke Library, the Houghton Library at Harvard University and at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in the University of Texas at Austin. He was a featured speaker at the Sylvia Plath Symposium held at Indiana University in 2002 and at the Oxford University symposium held in 2007. In 2008 he was funded by the British Academy to complete the research on Emily Dickinson by spending some time as a visiting scholar at Amherst College, Massachusetts. He is currently the Principal Investigator for a two year AHRC furnded interdisciplinary research network project 'Separateness and Kinship: Transatlantic Exchanges between New England and Britain 1600-1900' and organised the successful international conference held at the University of Plymouth in July 2010.

Before embarking on this work on New England women writers and transatlantic exchanges he carried out a major project on the theory, history and practice of subject English in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, published in 2000 as Questions of English.

Robin Peel’s teaching reflects his interest in American and Edwardian writing. He teaches modules on The American South and Edwardian Writing and has recently published a paper on Ford Madox Ford. Since 2000 he has published three Associated University Presses monographs on American women writers who have lived in Massachusetts. Writng Back : Sylvia Plath and Cold War Politics was published in 2002, Apart from Modernism : Edith Wharton, Politics and Fiction in 2005, and Emily Dickinson and the Hill of Science in 2010. . He has presented papers on Wharton and Dickinson at the Society for the Study of American Women Writers conference in Philadelphia in November 2006.. He contributed to the American Modernism: Cultural Transactions conference at Oxford Brookes University in September 2006. This event, sponsored by the US Embassy and British Association for American Studies was an invitation only event. In July 2008 he presented a paper on Emily Dickinson and Geology at the Transatlantic Women's Writers conference at Oxford University, and in July 2010 presented an invited paper on Dickinson, Marx and Massachusetts at the Emily Dickinson International Society conference at Oxford University.

Robin Peel' s current research interest is the relationship between the work produced by New England writers visiting Great Britain and British writers visiting New England in the early and mid nineteenth century.  He is also leading a new interdisciplinary project 'Bordering the Seas and Seeing the Borders : Atlantic Studies 1500-1900' which will build on and expand the current Transatlantic Exchanges project and will embrace the broader Atlantic World, drawing on the disciplines of literary studies, art history, the history of architecture and material culture and history. This project will involve collaboration with the STAR project in Edinburgh and universities in Britain, North America, South America, the Caribbean and West Africa. 

Robin Peel is also involved in the joint planning between City and University for the run up to the 2020 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth. 

Grants & contracts

Research Grant from British Academy to support period as Visiting Scholar in the English Department of Amherst College, , Massachusetts, completing research on Emily Dickinson and Science April 2008.
AHRC Research Networking grant of £29,000 'Separateness and Kinship : Transatlantic Exchanges between Britain and New England 1600-1900' September 2009-September 2011




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Conference Papers

Papers presented at conferences

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'Scaffolding or Straitjacket : A National Curriculum for Teacher Training in England and Wales' at Third International Conference for Global Conversations University of Bordeaux, France August 5-7 1998(with Professor Ruth Merrtens)

(Featured speaker) 'Body, Word and Photograph : Sylvia Plath and the Anxious Message'

Sylvia Plath Symposium Indiana University Indiana November 2002

‘Edith Wharton, Bohemia, and The Reef’ Edith Wharton in London conference, University of Surrey at Roehampton, June 2003

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 'Edith Wharton's dialogue with the Women's Movement' (SSAWW conference, Philadelphia, 2006)

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'Marx and Massachusetts : Emily Dickinson and Social Reform' (Emily Dickinson Conference, Oxford University August 2010)

“Science and Religion in the Italian Short Stories of Edith Wharton” Transatlantic Women II conference Florence, Italy 6-9 June 2013.

Other Publications


English International : Journal of the International Branch of NCTE Reviewed in English in Education Spring 1995 Volume 29 Number 1

Holditch/Leavitte : Tennessee Williams and the South 2002

Review commissioned for European Journal of American Culture Volume 22 Number 2003

Review of Eye Rhymes : The Art of Sylvia Plath Forthcoming Journal of American Studies 2008/2009



Conferences organised

Separateness and Kinship :Transatlantic Exchanges between New England and Britain 1600-1900 : An International conference held at the University of Plymouth, July 14-17th 2010
Keynote speakers : Professor Lawrence Buell and Professor Susan Manning