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Professor Robert Sutton

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The Global Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Robert's work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

Goal 03: SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-beingGoal 04: SDG 4 - Quality EducationGoal 06: SDG 6 - Clean Water and SanitationGoal 07: SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean EnergyGoal 09: SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation, and InfrastructureGoal 14: SDG 14 - Life Below WaterGoal 17: SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

About Robert

Professor of Control Systems Engineering

Supervised Research Degrees




  1. BATE J. Performance Analysis and Prediction of High Speed Planing Craft. PhD. 1991-1994. Full-time study (Director of Studies).

  2. WITT N A J. Artificial Intelligence Techniques Applied to Automatic Ship Guidance. PhD. 1991-1995. Full-time study (Supervisor).

  3. SHARIF M T. Control Techniques Applied to Integrated Ship Motion Control. PhD. 1992-1995. Full-time study (Supervisor).

  4. JOHNSON C. Depth and Yaw Control of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle using Neural Networks. MPhil. 1992-1995. 2 years full-time and 1 year part-time study (Director of Studies).

  5. TAYLOR S D H. The Design and Tuning of Fuzzy Autopilots using Artificial Neural Networks. MPhil. 1993-1995. Part-time study (Supervisor).

  6. WALDOCK M I..Artificial Neural Networks for Control Modelling of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle. MPhil. 1993-1996.Part-time study (Supervisor).

  7. CRAVEN P J. Intelligent Control Strategies for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. PhD. 1995-1999. Full-time study (Director of Studies) (Awarded the Fugro-Geos Ltd prize for best thesis in Applied Marine Science and Technology by the Society for Underwater Technology).

  8. ZIRILLI A. Intelligent Autopilots for Ships. PhD University of Wales. 1997-2000 Full-time study (Supervisor).

  9. BONHAM C R. Evolutionary Decomposition of Complex Design Spaces. PhD.1997-2000. Full-time study (Supervisor).

  10. CVETKOVIC D. Evolutionary Multi-Objective Decision Support Systems for Conceptual Design. PhD. 1997-2000. Full-time study (Supervisor).

  11. WANG W-H. Modelling Machine Induced Noise and Vibration in a Ship Structure. PhD. 1994-2000. Part-time study (Director of Studies).

  12. PEARSON A R. Intelligent Fault Tolerant Control Schemes for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. PhD. 1998-2002. Full-time study (Director of Studies).

  13. KNIGHT M J. Precision Control of a Sensorless Brushless Direct Current Motor System. PhD. 1999-2002. Full-time study (Director of Studies).

  14. LEAVEY C M. Development of an Intelligent Decision Support System for Application to Orthofunctional Design. MPhil 1997-2002. Part-time study (Supervisor).

  15. NAEEM W. Guidance and Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. PhD 2001-2004, Full-time study (Director of Studies).

  16. LOEBIS D. An Intelligent Navigation System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. PhD 2001-2004. Full-time study (Director of Studies).

  17. TAN CS. A Collision Avoidance System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. PhD 2002-2005. Full-time study (Director of Studies).

  18. XU T, An Intelligent Navigation System for an Unmanned Surface Vehicle. PhD 2004-2007. Full-time study (Director of Studies).



PhD Examinations


  1. McGURN J T. Application of Heat Transfer Models to Boiler Fouling Monitoring. Queen's University of Belfast, June 1994.
  2. MacCONNELL PFA. Heating Control using a Knowledge-Based Approach. University of Exeter, March 1996.
  3. HU JQ. Adaptive Fuzzy Predictive Control using a Neurofuzzy Model with Application to Sintering. University of Sheffield, April 1997.
  4. LEA R K. Simulation and Experimental Comparison of Control Strategies for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. University of Southampton, August 1998.
  5. CREASER P. Application of Evolutionary Computation Techniques to Missile Guidance. Cranfield University, March 1999.
  6. STEPHENS RI. Adaptive Control for Dynamic Positioning of Ships. Coventry University, May 1999.
  7. SHARMA SK Soft Computing for Dynamic Modelling and Control with Application to Flexible Manipulators. University of Sheffield,October 2000.
  8. PRINCE MP.Stabilising Ships for Helicopter Operations. University of Southampton, December 2000.
  9. CREERY NJ. Inlet Manifold Fuel Film Study. Queen's University of Belfast, January 2001.
  10. PLATTS JT. A Self-Organising Fuzzy Logic Supervisor. Loughborough University,March 2001.
  11. RIDAO P. A Hybrid Control Architecture for an AUV: Implementation on a Real-Time Operative System. University of Girona, Spain, June 2001.
  12. YANG D-M. Development of Novel Intelligent Condition Monitoring Procedures for Rolling Element Bearings. University of Aberdeen, December 2001.
  13. HICKMAN DM. The Simulation of Spark Ignition Engine Behaviour Under Drive Cycle and Off-Cycle Operating Conditions. University of Nottingham, February 2002.
  14. MOODY L. Sensors, Sensor Measurement Fusion and Missile Trajectory Optimisation. Cranfield University, September 2003.
  15. CARRERAS M. A Proposal of a Behavior-Based Control Architecture with Reinforcement Learning for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. University of Girona, Spain, September 2003.
  16. KONGEZOS V. An Investigation into Industrial DCS using Wireless Communications. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, March 2004.
  17. SANCHEZ A. Data-Driven Control Design of Wastewater Treatment Systems. University of Strathclyde. June 2004.
  18. AL-TOWAIM T. Practical Implementation of Norm-Optimal and Predictive Iterative Learning Control on a Chain Conveyor System. University of Southampton, July 2004.
  19. ANASTASAKIS L. Application of Time Series Prediction in Business Processes. University of Sheffield, November 2004.
  20. GOVINDHASAMY JJ. Learning Systems for Process Identification and Control. Queen’s University Belfast, December 2004.
  21. SUGDEN C. Intelligent Sensor Fusion Techniques for Road Car Positioning. University of Tasmania, Australia, July 2005.
  22. HOME G. A Hybrid Intelligent Architecture for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation. University of Sunderland, July 2006.
  23. NOLAN GA. Modelling and Optimisation of a Heaving Buoy Wave Energy Converter for Potable WaterProduction. National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland, September 2006
  24. MOALEJI R. Adaptive Control for Ship Roll Stabilization using Anti-Roll Tanks. University College London, February 2007 

  1. CHUDLEY J. An Adaptable Mathematical Model for Integrated Navigation Systems. University of Plymouth, April 1994.
  1. WILLIAMS E. A Neural Network Based Fault Detection System for Industrial Processes. University of Plymouth, March 1995.
  2. ROY R. Adaptive Search and the Preliminary Design of Gas Turbine Blade Cooling Systems. University of Plymouth,April1997.
  3. FINDLAY M. Factors Affecting Collision and Grounding Losses in the UK Fishing Fleet. University of Plymouth, January 1998.
  4. WATSON AH. An Investigation of Evolutionary Computing in Systems Identification for Preliminary Design. University of Plymouth January 1999.
  5. RADIX C-A L. Human Control of Robotic Mechanisms : Modelling and Assessment of Assistive Devices. University of Plymouth, November 1999.
  6. QURASHI Z A. A Generic Approach Employing Information Systems for Introducing Systems in SMEs University ofPlymouth, February 2000.
  7. RICHTER R. A Predictive Fuzzy-Neural Autopilot for the Guidance of Small Motorised Marine Craft.University of Plymouth, August 2000.
  8. DONG C. Closed Loop Controlled Total Intravenous Anesthesia. University of Plymouth, July 2003.
  9. GOMEZ DA. A New Type of Linear Extension Sensor for Use in Compliant Robotic Actuators. University of Plymouth, February 2005.
  10. SOLIMAN E M. Delay Hierarchy Propagation Model. University of Plymouth, August 2005.


      1.   BRIDGES L W. On-Line Quality Control for Wire-Coating Process. University of Sheffield, February 1999.
      2.   MANDALOJU N. Hardware Approaches to Model Identification and Control. University of Southampton, July 2007.



        1.   Kirby-Chambers H M. 
              A Thermodynamic and Mechanical Engineering Investigation of a Reciprocating Joule Cycle Engine, September 


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