Mr Robert Harlow

Mr Robert Harlow

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



I am a PhD Psychology Researcher and student representative with the School of Psychology - Faculty of Health at Plymouth University. 

Prior to this, I worked as a Behavioral Teaching Assistant in a special needs school for those with Autism and ADHD, and as an Independent Custody Visitor for The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC). I also worked as a Research Assistant in 2019 with Bournemouth University and the OPCC on a report entitled 'Improving Experiences in Dorset Police Custody Centers' 

I have also completed a MSc in Investigative Forensic Psychology, a BA (hons) Human Behavioral Studies, and an FdA Counselling Studies. 


2018: MSc - Investigative Forensic Psychology (Bournemouth University)

2017: BA(hons) - Human Behavioral Studies (Plymouth University)

2016: FdA - Counselling Studies (Plymouth University)

Professional membership

Postgraduate Member of the Experimental Psychology Society



Research interests

My current research project is titled: 'Predictive Action Perception in Autism and Schizophrenia'.

My research interests focus on the social dynamics, visual perception and interpersonal synchrony associated with Autism and Schizophrenia. I am focused on identifying interpersonal differences in the mechanisms that underline social prediction within these conditions. My work utilizes motion capture technology to measure atypical fine motor movements in Autism and Schizophrenia. I am further interested in examining how non-verbal communication and the perception of such may impact social preference of those with these conditions.

I became interested with this research area through my previous role as a Behavioural Teaching Assistant in a special needs school and through my own personal experiences with Autism throughout my life. 

One quote within this subject area I often recite is that of Jim Sinclair (1998), who is a famous author and activist with Autism: “Grant me the dignity of meeting me on my own terms - recognise that we are equally alien to each other and that my ways of being are not merely damaged versions of yours”.

Other research

I have a personal interest in forensic and criminal psychology, facial expression and anatomical analytics, second-person neuroscience, and counselling psychology.



Other academic activities

PhD School of Psychology Student Representative 2022 - 2023

Part Time Teaching/Marking 2022 - ongoing