Richard Hartley

Richard Hartley

Technical Specialist

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Science Officer
Support and provision of teaching and research in:
Hydro-geomorphology, rainfall simulation and erosion, soil and sediment physical analysis, particle size analysis, environmental monitoring, levelling, surveying (total station and RTK GPS).
Responsibility for Geomorphology Laboratory (Davy 806) and Analytical Laboratory (Davy 811).

Working knowledge of:
PSA: sieving, sedimentation, laser diffraction (Malvern Mastersizer X and 2000, LISST 100ST), image analysis and associated software
Enviro-monitoring: Squirrel, Rustrak and Campbell loggers, Kestrel meters, Davis weather station and associated software, HOBO loggers, In-Situ Troll AQ200/300/9500 monitoring probes, YSI Sonde 6-series, Sontek IQ velocity profilers
Surveying/GPS: auto levels, total stations (Trimble 5600, Geodimeter 610, Zeiss Elta 5 and S20), Garmin 'leisure' GPS, Trimble Pro-XL, GeoXH and 7X, Juno 3B, 5800 RTK (ACU and TSC2), R10 RTK with TSC3 and associated software (Terrasync, Survey Controller, Trimble Geomatics/Business Centre, Pathfinder Office, etc.)
Softree 'Terrain' survey software. Rockworks_15 & v16 earth science software.



Teaching interests

First year part-time lecturing in 'Labskills' covering introductory particle size analysis.
Second year part-time lecturing in dissertation planning with particular emphasis on techniques with soils and sediments; planning and introductory sessions covering topographic survey and GPS

Other support roles covering:
Class / laboratory work in Glacial Environments, Catchment processes, Catchment management, Coastal geomorphology
First, second and third year field work ranging from local day field work to residential overseas.

Third year and Masters' dissertation support




Research interests

Provision of research support for:
Catchment and River Science Group

Quaternary Environments




Telfer MW, Gholami H, Hesse PP, Fisher A & Hartley R (2020) 'Testing models of linear dune formation by provenance analysis with composite sediment fingerprints' Geomorphology 364, 107208-107208 , DOI 

Blake W.H., Theocharopoulos S.P., Skoulikidis N., Clark P., Tountas P., R. Hartley, Amaxidis Y. (2010). Wildfire impacts on hillslope sediment and phosphorus yields. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 10(4), 671-682.

Blake W.H., Theocharopoulos S.P., Skoulikidis N., Clark P., Tountas P., R. Hartley, Amaxidis Y. (2008). Wildfire, soil erosion and the risk to aquatic resources: evidence from the burnt Evrotas River basin, southern Peloponnese, Greece. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 10, EGU2008-A-03770, 2008. ISSN 1029-7006

Mather, A.E., Stokes, M., Pirrie, D., Hartley, R. 2008. Generation, transport and preservation of armoured mudballs in an ephemeral gully system. Geomorphology 100, 104-119

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H. A. Hernandez Arana, M. J. Attrill, R. Hartley and G. Gold Bouchot. 2005. Continental Shelf Research, 25. Transitional carbonate-terrigenous shelf sub-environments inferred from textural characteristics of surficial sediments in the Southern Gulf of Mexico

Ternan, J.L., Williams, A.G., Elmes, A. and Hartley, R., 1996. Aggregate stability of soils in central Spain and the role of land management. Earth Surf. Proc. Landforms 21

Other Publications

Field instrumentation management for:

Downs PW, Soar PJ, Taylor A, (2016) The anatomy of effective discharge: the dynamics of coarse sediment transport revealed using continuous bedload monitoring in a gravel-bed river during a very wet year
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 41: 147-161 

Downs PW, Soar PJ, (2017)  Estimating bedload transport rates in a gravel-bed river using seismic impact plates: Model development and application. Environmental Modelling and Software, 90: 182-200




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