Professor Reg Morris

Professor Reg Morris

Emeritus Professor

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



Clinical Director


Exeter University, BA Psychology, 1972.

Exeter University, PhD Psychlogy, 1977.

BPS, DipPsych, 1986.

Cardiff University, Cert HE Spanish, 2018.

Professional membership

HCPC, Registered Clinical Psychologist

BPS, Chartered Psychologist

Roles on external bodies

Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology, Member (Former Chair)

Organisation for Psychological Research in Stroke (OPSYRIS) (Founder Member)





Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
Morris R, Amore C, Knight E, Stedmon J, Laidlaw K, Callanan M, Kennedy P, Nel PW, Jones R & Prescott T (2015) 'How to be an external examiner on DClinPsy programmes: GTiCP 2014 conference workshop' 44-48