Dr Poorna Gunasekera

Dr Poorna Gunasekera

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Biomedical Sciences

Peninsula Medical School (Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry)


Facilitate learningĀ in Biomedical Sciences, provide academic and pastoral support


I qualified with a basic MB BS degree in Sri Lanka in 1991 and held a series of appointments with the Ministry of Health progressing from an intern house-officer to a registrar in Ophthalmology, between 1992 and 1999. In 1999 I was awarded a scholarship to complete an MSc in Community Eye health at the University College London, by the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Since 2000, I have held a series of academic and research posts in the United Kingdom, which included an 18-month stint in Ghana as the Trial Director of one of the largest maternal mortality trials (ObaaapaVitA). I love teaching and motivating the students to reach their highest potential. Apart from the opportunity to cover many aspects of integrated medicine with highly enthusiastic students, I am grateful for the current position as it provides me an opportunity to engage in some wonderful voluntary activities through MegaReach (www.megareach.org), which has helped make life-changing contributions to many deserving persons scattered throughout the world.