Dr Nicola Foster

Dr Nicola Foster

Lecturer in Marine Biology

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



I am a Lecturer in Marine Biology at the University and I study coral populations across a broad depth range, from shallow, tropical coral reefs (<30 m), to the relatively unexplored mesophotic coral ecosystems (30-200 m), and beyond to the cold-water corals of the deep sea (>200 m). I am particularly interested in variation in diversity and community structure along the depth gradient, and the horizontal and vertical connectivity of populations via larval dispersal, and the implications of this on conservation and management of the marine environment. 

Currently, I am working on two key projects. I am investigating the changes in diversity and distribution of mesophotic reefs in the British Indian Ocean Territory in relation to depth and oceanographic drivers. In this project, I will assess the genetic connectivity of sessile reef species across the depth gradient from shallow to mesophotic depths to determine the potential of mesophotic reefs to resupply shallow reefs with larvae following mortality. In the second project (DeepLinks), we are investigating how patterns of population connectivity vary with depth in the deep sea, and how this influences species diversity, using a combination of molecular techniques, modelling and community analysis.


2019 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2019 Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practise, University of Plymouth

2007 PhD University of Exeter - Population dynamics of the dominant Caribbean reef-building coral, Montastraea annularis.

2002 MSc University of Wales, Bangor - Marine Environmental Protection.

2000 BSc (Hons) University of Wales, Bangor - Marine Biology.

Professional membership

International Society for Reef Studies

Society for Conservation Biology

Marine Biological Association

Deep-sea Biology Society

Key publications

Foster NL, Box SJ & Mumby PJ (2008) 'Competitive effects of macroalgae on the fecundity of the reef-building coral Montastraea annularis' Marine Ecology Progress Series 367, 143-152 , DOI
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Teaching interests

I teach a podule on Marine Conservation Genetics as part of the MBIO505 (Marine Conservation Theory) module on the MSc Marine Conservation Degree. I am also currently involved in delivering occasional lectures within a selected number of modules within my department (MBIO221 Marine Molecular Biology, MBIO315 Biological Oceanography, MBAM5106 Advanced Research in Marine Biology, MBAM5108 Marine Ecology and Conservation), and I also assist with practical sessions, fieldtrips and workshops.



Research interests

My broad research interests focus on marine ecology, population dynamics, population connectivity and conservation genetics. In particular, I am interested in using population genetic studies to inform conservation planning and management of the marine environment.

Grants & contracts

Researcher/Co-investigator - Garfield Weston Foundation: Conservation strategies for biodiversity hotspots and safe havens in a changing climate: oceanographic drivers of ecosystem variability in the Chagos Archipelago (£1,000,000; 2019-2021).

Researcher/Co-investigator - NERC Grant: Influence of population connectivity on depth-dependent diversity of deep-sea benthic biota (£574,000; 2015-2018)



Key publications

Foster NL, Box SJ & Mumby PJ (2008) 'Competitive effects of macroalgae on the fecundity of the reef-building coral Montastraea annularis' Marine Ecology Progress Series 367, 143-152 , DOI

Key publications are highlighted

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