Dr Nick Pratt

Dr Nick Pratt

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Education (IMP)

Plymouth Institute of Education - School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Senior Lecturer in Education with a specialism in mathematics education, doctoral supervision and social theory.


2004: PhD (University of Plymouth) – Thesis entitled 'Interactive teaching in the National Numeracy Strategy: tensions in a supportive framework' 
1989: PGCE (Primary Science; University of Exeter) 
1988: BA (Hons) Engineering Science (University of Oxford)

Professional membership

EdD Leaders National Network Professional Doctorates (SIG)
British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM)
Society of Research in Higher Education (SRHE)


Teaching interests

I work on the following programmes:
  • Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD)
  • PhD
  • MA Education
  • BA Education


Research interests

Current projects include:
- Understanding 'mathematics mastery' and teacher assessment in primary schools.
- Exploring the development of professional knowledge through the doctoral programmes – see: www.srhe.ac.uk/downloads/reports-2016/Pratt-Shaughnessy-Research-Report.pdf
More generally my interest is in the ways in which accountability affects interactions and relationships between learners and educators and how this results in changes to the ways in which learning takes place.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Caroline McGrath (2018) as DoS: ‘Oral Story: A pedagogical tool encouraging children’s mathematical thinking.’
Clare Dowdall (2012): ‘Text Production in Bebo: a study of three children's text production in online social networking sites’.

Phil Brown (2019) as DoS: ‘Student voices and student choices: narrative accounts of differentiated higher education experiences of first in family HE students’
Sasha Pleasance (2018) as DoS: ‘Illusio in lesson observation: making policy work by playing the game.’
John Hilsdon (2018) as DoS: ‘The significance of the field of practice ‘Learning Development’ in UK higher education’.
Paul Hodson (2017): ‘From the Secret Garden to the Panopticon? Changing freedoms and the growing crisis in primary school headteacher recruitment.’
Helen Goodall (2014) as DoS: ‘Professional Development And Beyond: A Participative Study Of A Self-Facilitated Learning Group’.

Grants & contracts

External funding:
2017: ‘Supervision of professional doctoral students: investigating pedagogy for supporting critical voice and theorisation’: £10k funded by SRHE Research Award 2017-2018.
2005: ‘Developing a VLE to support ITT students’, £10,000 funded by TTA: Promoting E-Learning Communities In ITT & Inductionproject.
2004: Video Inspired Dialogue (VID): Distributing and exchanging knowledge across an e-learning community’,£25,000 funded by TTA: Supporting e-learning communities in ITTproject.
Internal funding:
2010: Learning as participation in the development and enactment of professional knowledge; £10k funded by Plymouth University, 2010–2012.


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Pratt N & Alderton J (2023) 'The policy and practice of mathematics mastery: the effects of neoliberalism and neoconservatism on curriculum reform' The Curriculum Journal , DOI Open access
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Conference Papers
Pratt N & Alderton J (2017) 'It's different, it's difficult, it's unknown': Letting go of levels' 10th Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME) 2-/-0/20172-/-0/20173580-3587 Open access
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Other Publications
Pratt N & Waite S Learning outside the classroom: birth to eleven. London Sage