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Professor Nabil Habib

Honorary University Fellow

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Hamer CA, Buckhurst H, Purslow C, Shum GL, Habib NE & Buckhurst PJ (2016) 'Comparison of reliability and repeatability of corneal curvature assessment with six keratometers' Clinical and Experimental Optometry 99, (6) 583-589 , DOI Open access
Vahdani K, Easto R, Shah A & Habib N (2016) 'Topiramate-induced acute glaucoma' Practical Neurology 16, (4) 323-325 , DOI Open access
Huelle JO, Druchkiv V, Habib NE, Richard G, Katz T & Linke SJ (2016) 'Intraoperative aberrometry-based aphakia refraction in patients with cataract: status and options' British Journal of Ophthalmology 101, (2) 97-102 , DOI Open access
Park JC, Habib NE & Moate RM (2015) 'Intraocular lens calcification following endothelial keratoplasty: a message for all cataract surgeons' Eye 29, (7) 984-984 , DOI
Park JC & Habib NE (2015) 'Tectonic lamellar keratoplasty: simplified management of corneal perforations with an automated microkeratome' Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology 50, (1) 80-84 , DOI Open access
Park JC, Habib NE & Moate RM (2015) 'Intraocular lens opacification after corneal endothelial keratoplasty: Electron microscopy and x-ray element spectroscopy analysis' Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery 41, (1) 140-145 , DOI Open access
Dhir L, Habib NE, Monro DM & Rakshit S (2010) 'Effect of cataract surgery and pupil dilation on iris pattern recognition for personal authentication' EYE 24, (6) 1006-1010 Author Site , DOI
Conference Papers
Hamer C, Habib N, Buckhurst H, Purslow C, Buckhurst PJ & Sci FHH (2015) 'Do toric IOL calculators accurately predict the shift in orientation of the steepest corneal meridian following cataract surgery?'
Buckhurst PJ, Hamer C, Buckhurst H, Purslow C & Habib N (2015) 'The relationship between corneal astigmatism and refractive astigmatic error in pseudophkic eyes'