Dr Moji Olugbode

Dr Moji Olugbode

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Programme Manager - MSc Finance 


PhD (Business with Management) Exchange rate and interest rate exposure of UK non-financial firms and industries, University of Plymouth, Plymouth. UK 
MSc Business and Management (Specialisation in International Business), University of Plymouth, UK. 
Master of Business Administration, University of Lagos, Nigeria. 
B.Sc, Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
Certificate of Professional Development


Teaching interests

Financial Research Methods
Quantitative Financial Modelling
Finance and Quantitative Methods
Managerial Finance 
Business Accounting


Research interests

Corporate Governance 
Corporate Social Responsibility


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Kyaw K, Olugbode M & Petracci B (2022) 'Investors’ reaction under uncertainty' Applied Economics Letters 30, (17) 2332-2336 , DOI Open access
Kyaw K, Olugbode M & Petracci B (2021) 'Stakeholder engagement: Investors' environmental risk aversion and corporate earnings' Business Strategy and the Environment , DOI Open access
Kyaw K, Olugbode M & Petracci B (2020) 'Is the market surprised by the surprise?' International Journal of Disclosure and Governance 17, (1) 20-29 , DOI Open access
Kyaw K, Olugbode & Petracci B (2017) 'Can Board Gender Diversity Promote Corporate Social Performance?' Corporate Governance , DOI Open access
Kyaw K, Olugbode M & Petracci B (2017) 'The Role of the Institutional Framework in the Relationship between Earnings Management and Corporate Social Performance' Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management , DOI Open access
Kyaw K, Olugbode M & Petracci B (2015) 'Does Gender Diverse Board Mean Less Earnings Management?' Finance Research Letters (0) 135-141 , DOI Open access
Olugbode M, El-Masry A & Pointon J (2013) 'Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Exposure of UK Industries Using First-order Autoregressive Exponential GARCH-in-mean (EGARCH-M) Approach' The Manchester School 82, (4) 409-464 Publisher Site , DOI Open access
El-Masry AA, Abdou H, Pointon J, Lister R & Olugbode M (2012) 'A variable impact neural network analysis of dividend policies and share prices of transportation and related companies' Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 22, (4) 796-813 , DOI Open access
El-Masry AA, Pointon J & Olugbode M (2010) 'The exposure of shipping firms’ stock returns to financial risks and oil prices: a global perspective' Maritime policy and Management: The flagship journal of international shipping and port research 37, (5) 453-473 , DOI Open access
Olugbode MO, Pointon J & Tucker J (2010) 'Target Gearing in the UK: A Triangulated Approach' International Journal of Managerial Finance 6, (1) 58-80 , DOI
Olugbode MO, Elbeltagi I, Simmons M & Biss T (2008) 'The Effect of Information Systems on Firm Performance and Profitability Using a Case-Study Approach' The Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation 11, (1) 35-40
Olugbode M, Richards R & Biss T (2007) 'The role of information technology in achieving the organisation's strategic development goals: A case study' INFORMATION SYSTEMS 32, (5) 641-648 , DOI
Olugbode M, Pointon J & El-Masry AAT 'Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Exposure of UK Industries Using Ar(1)- Egarch-M Approach' SSRN Electronic Journal , DOI


Other academic activities

Reviewer (January 2006 – June 2006) Academy of International Business (AIB) – Conference on the Context of Global Business” (23rd to 26th June 2006 in Beijing).