Dr Michael Wilde

Dr Michael Wilde


School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



CAMS Lecturer in Bioanalytical Measurement and Volatolomics

Lecturer in Environmental & Analytical Chemistry

The Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS) is an industry-led initiative aimed at promoting world-class analytical measurement science training, research and innovation by bringing together a network of industrial and academic partners with interests in these fields – visit the CAMS website to find out more


BSc (Hons) Chemistry (University of Plymouth, 2009-2012)

Ph.D Analytical Chemistry (University of Plymouth, 2012-2016)

Postdoctoral Research Associate (University of Leicester)

Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellowship (University of Leicester)

Professional membership

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) - MRSC

British Mass Spectrometry Society (BMSS) - member

American Chemical Society (ACS) - member

Chromatographic Society - member

Roles on external bodies

Committee member of the Environmental and Food Analysis BMSS SIG

Exec member of the MRC East Midlands Breathomics Pathology Node (EMBER), Leicester



Teaching interests

Organic Chemistry

  • Structural Determination
  • Organometallic reactions
Analytical Chemistry

  • Bioanalytical measurements
  • Accuracy & Quality Control
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques
  • Chemometrics
Environmental Science
  • Air Pollution
  • Complex matrices



Research interests

  • Separation science
  • Multidimensional chromatography
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Volatile sampling (VOCs)
  • Breath analysis
  • Metabolomics
  • Complex matrices
  • Chemical biomarker discovery and translation
  • Environmental Pollution

Grants & contracts

CAMS Lectureship award - Aims to address key analytical and industry-led challenges in the identification of organic small-molecule biomarkers - £200,000

Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellowship – Exploring emerging Skin and Exhaled breath Non-invasive Technologies (ScENT) - £81,000 Leicester WTISSF + £81,000 EMBER

Industry challenge - Breath analysis by SESI-HRMS within a multi-omic platform for patient stratification in COVID-19 - €70,000 instrumentation Fossil Ion Technology

British Heart Foundation Pump Priming Award - Accelerating breath & touch metabolomics technologies in cardiovascular precision medicine - £25,000 Leicester BHF Accelerator

LD3 (Drug Discovery and Diagnostics) Pump Priming Award - Development of breath biomarker signatures of early treatment response in severe asthma - £30,000 Leicester Precision Medicine Institute

ECR Research Grant - An international inter-laboratory comparison of breath metabolomics - £3,610 in partnership with Arizona State University

ECR Research Grant - Detection of gunshot residue in breath. A proof-of-concept study - £5,000 in partnership with Liverpool John Moore University and Merseyside Firearms Division



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Rowland SJ, Wilde MJ, Sutton PA, Blackbird SJ & Wolff GA (2024) 'If speed is of the essence: rapid analysis of ambergris by APCI compact mass spectrometry' Natural Product Research 1-7 Publisher Site , DOI
Riveron TP, Wilde MJ, Ibrahim W, Carr L, Monks PS, Greening NJ, Gaillard EA, Brightling CE, Siddiqui S & Hansell AL (2023) 'Characterisation of volatile organic compounds in hospital indoor air and exposure health risk determination' Building and Environment 242, , DOI Open access
Wilde M, Ibrahim W, Cordell R, Richardson M, Free R, Zhao B, Singapuri A, Hargadon B, Gaillard E & Suzuki T (2022) 'Visualisation of exhaled breath metabolites reveals distinct diagnostic signatures for acute cardiorespiratory breathlessness' Science Translational Medicine , DOI Open access
Riveron T, Wilde M, Ibrahim W, Monks P, Greening N, Brightling C, Siddiqui S, Hansell A & Cordell R (2022) 'Characterisation of volatile organic compounds in hospital indoor air and the potential impact on healthcare worker health' ISEE Conference Abstracts 2022, (1) , DOI
Spick M, Lewis H-M, Frampas CF, Longman K, Costa C, Stewart A, Dunn-Walters D, Greener D, Evetts G & Wilde MJ (2022) 'An integrated analysis and comparison of serum, saliva and sebum for COVID-19 metabolomics' Scientific Reports 12, (1) , DOI Open access
Bhavra KK, Wilde M, Richardson M, Cordell R, Thomas P, Zhao B, Bryant L, Brightling CE, Ibrahim W & Salman D (2022) 'The utility of a standardised breath sampler in school age children within a real-world prospective study' Journal of Breath Research 16, (2) 027104-027104 , DOI
Israr MZ, Ibrahim W, Salzano A, Sarmad S, Wilde MJ, Cordell RL, Greening NJ, Brightling CE, Siddiqui S & Suzuki T (2022) 'Association of gut-related metabolites with respiratory symptoms in COVID-19: A proof-of-concept study' Nutrition 96, 111585-111585 , DOI
Wilde MJ & Siddiqui S (2021) 'Endotyping Asthma - Profiling the Metabolic Dimension?' American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine , DOI Open access
Salman D, Ibrahim W, Kanabar A, Joyce A, Zhao B, Singapuri A, Wilde M, Cordell RL, McNally T & Ruszkiewicz D (2021) 'The variability of volatile organic compounds in the indoor air of clinical environments' Journal of Breath Research 16, (1) 016005-016005 , DOI
Spick M, Lewis HM, Wilde MJ, Hopley C, Huggett J & Bailey MJ (2021) 'Systematic review with meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy for COVID-19 by mass spectrometry' Metabolism 126, 154922-154922 , DOI
Cordell RL, Panchal R, Bernard E, Gatari M, Waiguru E, Ng’ang’a M, Nyang’aya J, Ogot M, Wilde MJ & Wyche KP (2021) 'Volatile Organic Compound Composition of Urban Air in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria' Atmosphere 12, (10) 1329-1329 , DOI
Henderson B, Slingers G, Pedrotti M, Pugliese G, Malásková M, Bryant L, Lomonaco T, Ghimenti S, Moreno S & Cordell R (2021) 'The peppermint breath test benchmark for PTR-MS and SIFT-MS' Journal of Breath Research 15, (4) 046005-046005 , DOI
Holden K, Makinde M, Wilde M, Richardson M, Coats T, Monks P & Gaillard EA (2021) 'Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of online measurements of exhaled volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in children with preschool wheeze: a pilot study' BMJ Paediatrics Open 5, (1) e001003-e001003 , DOI
Ibrahim W, Cordell RL, Wilde MJ, Richardson M, Carr L, Devi Dasi AS, Hargadon B, Free RC, Monks PS & Brightling CE (2021) 'Diagnosis of COVID-19 by exhaled breath analysis using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry' ERJ Open Research 00139-2021 , DOI
Ibrahim W, Natarajan S, Wilde M, Cordell R, Monks PS, Greening N, Brightling CE, Evans R & Siddiqui S (2021) 'A systematic review of the diagnostic accuracy of volatile organic compounds in airway diseases and their relation to markers of type-2 inflammation' ERJ Open Research 7, (3) 00030-2021 , DOI
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Conference Papers
Bhavra K, Wilde M, Richardson M, Cordell R, Thomas P, Zhao B, Bryant L, Brightling C, Ibrahim W & Salman D (2022) 'Paediatric breath VOC analysis using the ReCIVA breath sampler and batch effects' ERS International Congress 2022 abstracts European Respiratory Society , DOI
Ibrahim W, Cordell RL, Wilde MJ, Richardson M, Carr L, Free R, Monks PS, Brightling CE, Greening NJ & Siddiqui S (2021) 'Diagnosis of COVID-19 by Exhaled Breath Analysis Using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry' American Thoracic Society 2021 International Conference, May 14-19, 2021 - San Diego, CA American Thoracic Society , DOI
Bhavra K, Wilde M, Cordell R, Bryant L, Monks P & Gaillard E (2021) 'P93 Assessing the utility of a standardised breath sampler in asthmatic paediatric patients' British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting, Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 February 2021, Programme and Abstracts BMJ Publishing Group Ltd and British Thoracic Society , DOI
Carr L, Yavari Ramsheh M, Bryant L, Yousef A, Cordell R, Wilde M, Siddiqui S, Monks P & Brightling C (2020) 'Effect of age, gender and body habitus upon exhaled breath volatiles in COPD and health' ERS International Congress 2020 abstracts European Respiratory Society , DOI
Wilde M, Cordell R, Richardson M, Ibrahim W, Zhao B, Salman D, Bryant L, Free R, Singapuri A & Greening N (2019) 'Optimising the Discovery of Breath-Based Biomarkers for Phenotyping Acute Exacerbations of Asthma and COPD' American Thoracic Society 2019 International Conference, May 17-22, 2019 - Dallas, TX American Thoracic Society , DOI
Bryant L, Carr L, Yousuf A, Cordell R, Wilde M, Brightling C & Monks P (2018) 'Investigating the reproducibility of real time breath measurements using proton transfer reaction - time of flight - mass spectrometry for breath of volatile organic compounds in COPD Patients' ERS International Congress 2018 abstracts European Respiratory Society , DOI
Carr L, Bryant L, Yousuf A, Cordell R, Wilde M, Siddiqui S, Monks P & Brightling C (2018) 'Relationship between Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath determined by Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS), clinical characteristics and airway inflammation in COPD' ERS International Congress 2018 abstracts European Respiratory Society , DOI
Brooks J, Cordell R, Wilde M, Monks P & Whitehead L (2017) 'CADAVER DOG DETECTION (UK); THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE' 245-245
Presentations and posters
Ibrahim W, Wilde MJ, Cordell R, Bryant L, Free RC, Zhao B, Richardson M, Singapuri A, Greening NJ & Monks PS Ibrahim W, Wilde MJ, Cordell R, Bryant L, Free RC, Zhao B, Richardson M, Singapuri A, Greening NJ & Monks PS 'Comparative Feasibility of Sputum and Exhaled Breath VOCs Sampling in Patients with Severe Exacerbations of Airways Disease' , DOI
Bryant L, Cordell R, Wilde MJ, Carr L, Ibrahim W, Richardson M, Yousuf AJ, Greening NJ, Monks P & Brightling CE Bryant L, Cordell R, Wilde MJ, Carr L, Ibrahim W, Richardson M, Yousuf AJ, Greening NJ, Monks P & Brightling CE 'Exhaled Breath Analysis by Real-Time Mass Spectrometry' , DOI


Reports & invited lectures

Jul 2020 Primary conference organiser. BMSS Environmental and Food Analysis Meeting. Leicester, UK.
Jan 2020 Speaker/Early career panellist. Multidimensional Chromatography Workshop. Hawaii, USA.
May 2019 Invited speaker. International Symposium on Chromatography & GCxGC, Texas, USA.
Jun 2018 Invited speaker. Occupational Asthma, Developing Areas, Odense, Denmark.
May 2018 Invited speaker. Analytical Science Network Meeting, Knutsford, UK.
Jul 2017 Keynote speaker. BMSS Environmental and Food Analysis Meeting, Southampton, UK
Aug 2014 Invited ‘Hot Topic’ speaker. Organic Geochemistry Gordon Research Conference, NH, USA.

Conferences organised

Environmental and Food Analysis BMSS SIG 2020-2021 online webinar series