Mr Michael Miles

Mr Michael Miles

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (Education)

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)




BSc Eng (Hons), MPhil

Professional membership

C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E.



Teaching interests

Manufacturing and Business Systems

Quality and Project Management

Supply Chain Management

Waste Measurement



Research interests

Quality and Project Management
Lean manufacturing

Other research

Peer Assessment

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Successfully supervised five Ph.D. and two M.Phil. Currently supervising one other Ph.D.

  • Venkat Bakthavatchaalam, PhD 2019 "Motivation to conduct research in a rapidly evolving academic environment: a study of Coimbatore’s engineering institutions”
  • Khaled Sherif, PhD, 2010:"Total Quality Management and Construction Project Management in Lybia"
  • Veronica Lattore, PhD, 2009: "The Construction Manager's Influence on Project Success"
  • Rupert Lorraine, MPhil, 2009: "The Development of a Best-Practice Framework for the implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in Low-Technology Enabled Small & Medium Enterprises (LTESMEs)"
  • Craig Woodward, MPhil, 2002: The application of Poka Yoke to administrative functions within an organisation.
  • Joachim Gingele, PhD, 2001: The future structure of Open Management Systems.Restricted Abstract: IoT 51-10772
  • John Bradford, PhD, 2000: The systematic redesign of Manufacturing Systems in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

Grants & contracts

Teaching Company/KTP programme supervisions :

  • BD Ltd (2010-12 )
  • Rittal CSM Ltd (08 - 10)
  • Algram Group Ltd (06-08)
  • Patronics International Ltd (05-08)
  • Devonshire Pine Ltd (04-05)
  • Dart Valley Systems Ltd (03-05)
  • Teignbridge Propellors Ltd x2 (99-02)
  • Creative Products Ltd (96-98)
  • Patronics Ltd (95-97)
  • Quasar Microwave Technology Ltd (94-96)



AS Virk, J Summerscales, W Hall, SM Grove and ME Miles
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Grove S M, Popham E, Miles M, An investigation of the skin/core bond in honeycomb sandwich structures using statistical experimentation techniques, Composites Part A: applied science and manufacturing, Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2006, Pages 804-812. DOI: 10.1016/j.compositesa.2005.07.005

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Bakthavatchaalam, V.P., Sa, M.J., Baburaj, E and Miles, M. (2020) “Are Female Academics More Research Resilient? Evidence from South India’s Engineering Institutions” In STEM Education for Girls and Women. Breaking Barriers and Exploring Gender Inequality in Asia (148-188). Paris and Bangkok, UNESCO.

Conference Papers


 Bakthavatchaalam, V.P., Miles, M., Sa, M.J. and Machado-Taylor, M.L. (2019) “I don’t want to be an academic anymore! Changing perspectives on the academic profession in South India’s HEIs” EAIR Conference, 25-28 Aug. Leiden, Netherlands.

Bakthavatchaalam, V.P., Miles, M., Sa, M.J., Machado-Taylor, M.L. and Gingele, J. (2019) “Gender and Research Productivity of Academics in South India's HEIs”, ICGR, ACPI. pp.:685-692.

Bakthavatchaalam,V.P., Miles, M., Sa, M.J. and Baburaj, E. (2019) “Gender, Culture and Research Productivity: A quantitative study” [Poster]. 2nd International Conference on Gender Research, 11-12 Apr. 2019, Rome, Italy.

Bakthavatchaalam V.P., Miles M. and Machado-Taylor, M.L. (2018)* “The Influence of Rapidly Changing Higher Educational System on the Academics’ Research Productivity”, CHER Conference,30 Aug – 2 Sept., Moscow, Russia.

Bakthavatchaalam V.P., Miles M. and Machado-Taylor, M.L. (2018)* “Motivation to Conduct Research in a Rapidly Evolving Academic Environment: A study of South Indian engineering institutions”,EAIR Conference, 26-29 Aug. 2018, Budapest, Hungary.

Bakthavatchaalam V.P., Miles M. and Machado-Taylor, M.L. (2018) “Evolution of Coimbatore’s HEIs: Current Challenges and Future Directions”, CEHEC18, 12-13 Apr. 2018, Budapest, Hungary.

Bakthavatchaalam V.P., Miles M., Horodnic I.A. and Machado-Taylor, M.L.(2017) “Research Productivity of Higher Educational Systems inTransition: A Study of Engineering Institutions in Coimbatore, India”**, Mission Responsible: Future ofEducation and Youth Work, 30 Nov-2 Dec., Athens, Greece.

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