Mr Martyn Atkins

Mr Martyn Atkins

Senior Technician

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



Senior Technician / Programmer (Psychology)


Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science First Class Honours Degree in Chemistry (BSc Hons), University of Exeter (1991)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in IT with Distinction, University of Liverpool (2006)
Key Skills
  • Desktop application programming / coding using Microsoft and other technologies
    • Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
    • Psychology Experiment Builders - PsychoPy, OpenSesame (+Python programming)
  • Full web-stack development - HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Entity Framework
  • Statistics - R / R-Studio
  • Database development using Microsoft SQL Server
  • Academic collaborations and research project delivery
  • Eye-Tracking for Psychological research

Professional membership

Member of the Association of Technical Staff in Psychology (ATSiP)

Roles on external bodies

Plymouth Universities Branch of UNISON: Treasurer, Membership Officer, Communications Officer



Research interests

  • Use of AI & Machine Learning in Psychology
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Emerging technologies in computer science




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