Mr Martin Simpson

Mr Martin Simpson

Senior Technician - Embedded Systems

Faculty of Science and Engineering


Senior Technician (embedded Systems) and Team Lead for Electronics and Robotics.

Covering Embedded systems involving microcontrollers and sensor technology, helping students to apply programming languages to practical, real world applications combining sensor technology for data acquisition and control. Combining this with the Internet of things and robot technology.

Helping students with electronic theory and how to apply in a practical way in our laboratories both analogue and digital circuitry.

Designing and helping to formulate practical Laboratories involving Laboratory exercises, circuit design, assembly and manufacture.



Integrated Circuit (IC) mask design engineer (Fairchild Semiconductor) 3 years

Designing Advanced Schottky Technology Digital logic circuits

Electronics Engineer (supervisor) (Medical and Industrial Manufacturing)

Designing Medical gas monitoring alarm systems for NHS hospital use both electronic and microcontroller based.

Senior Electronics Technician (University of Manchester, Physics and Astronomy) 18 years

Research and Teaching electronics Technician including server management involved in many projects including CERN, Jodrell Bank and SETI, designing circuits/microcontrollers for data acquisition and control.

Quality Improvement Manager Patronics Ltd.,

Process improvement, ISO9001 Auditor, Analysing process data and general electronics support for a SME

Computing Development Officer Exeter University 4 years

Managing an Electronics Laboratory and delivering practical sessions for students. Providing electronics support for other areas of engineering and Physics research and teaching. Designing, Repairing and modification of teaching and Research equipment

Senior Technician Embedded systems (see above)