Dr Martin Coath

Dr Martin Coath

Outreach Research Fellow

Cognition Institute (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)


I am Public Engagement Research Fellow at the Cognition Institute, Plymouth University. 

My research involves building computer models of how we learn to hear. The aim of this work is to help to understand the brain, and to design devices, that is machines, that learn to make sense of the world by experiencing it via artificial sensory systems.

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A list (not necessarily complete) of my publications can be found here.


B.Sc. (Hons, Chemistry), M.Sc. (Distinction, Computational Intelligence), Ph.D. (Neuroscience)

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Professional membership


Research interests

Auditory neuroscience, bio-inspired computation, the perception of music, and science communication.

Grants & contracts

ALAVLSI EU FET 2001-2005
EmCAP EU FET 2005-2008

Creative practice & artistic projects

I am currently working on a performance piece in collaboration with piano player and composer Lola Perrin called A2B2A.

This ambitious project aims to combine a scientific discourse with a closely related musical performance in an integrated setting. The aim is to explore the degree to which the self referential nature of learning and experience can be abstracted in neuroscientific patterns.

A fairly comprehensive list of publications can be found here.

Other academic activities

I have a long standing commitment to science education, or perhaps more accurately 'public engagement with science' although I see no clear distinction between the two.

This means that I regularly turn up in public trying to combat the absurd idea that science is somehow too complex or arcane to form a part of everyones world view.

In the last few years I have helped measure the acceleration due to gravity with the help of under 10s in a public park, given the pre-concert talk at the last night of the Cheltenham Music Festival (about science and the violin), helped out with a maths exploration day at a primary school in Cornwall, and a hundred other things!

I am easy to google because 'Martin Coath' is not such a common name. There is just one other who is a ornithologist in Kent who has quite a few hits so beware!

I also teach Public Engagement skills and \LaTeX as part of the post-graduate skills curriculum at Plymouth and elsewhere. \LaTeX is a cult dedicated to the overthrow of wordprocessors.


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