Dr Marie Bryce

Dr Marie Bryce

Senior Research Fellow (CAMERA)

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)


Senior Research Fellow, working as part of the Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment (CAMERA).


I have worked at the University of Plymouth since 2013, carrying out research into professional regulation, including evaluating medical revalidation and its impacts on the medical profession as part of the UMbRELLA research team between 2015-2018.

Previously, I was an Associate Research Fellow at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Exeter between 2010-2012, researching models of continuing professional development for teachers and teachers’ professional identities.

I completed my PhD in history of education in 2010. My doctoral thesis, written under my maiden name Dunkerley, examined 'Education policies and the development of the colonial state in the Belgian Congo, 1916-1939' and covered a range of topics including the political motivations for education provision, training for emergent occupational groups, and the provision of medical education.

2005-2010: PhD History, University of Exeter

2004-2005: MA History, University of Exeter

2000-2004: BA (Hons) History and French, University of Exeter

Professional membership

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

British Sociological Association - Medical Sociology group (MedSoc)
Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME)
International Network for Health Workforce Education (INHWE)

Teaching interests

BMBS SSU1 Group facilitator 

MClinEd dissertation supervision

I also contribute to postgraduate teaching sessions on study design and research methods.

I am happy to supervise postgraduate students (PGT & PGR) whose topics relate to my research interests in medical professionalism, professional regulation and medical education, or which involve the use of qualitative research methods.

Research interests

I lead CAMERA’s professional regulation research theme, and my research primarily focuses on the role of professional regulation in setting standards and expectations for the health professions and the impacts of regulatory policies and interventions on professional practice. I am especially interested in the relationship between regulation and professional identity, and in exploring how regulation may help or hinder initiatives to address current challenges of workforce sustainability in the NHS. More broadly, my work seeks to add to our understanding of the nature of professional work and the place of professions in society.

My research crosses multiple disciplines including health policy, health services research, and clinical education. My background is as a qualitative researcher, and I design, lead and collaborate across a range of study types including qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods studies, and systematic, narrative and realist reviews.

My current and recent research centres on:

  •     The identification and management of concerns about health professionals, including regulatory fitness to practise procedures and organisational performance management processes.
  •     Medical revalidation and appraisal processes.
  •     The concept of ‘resilience’ and challenges to professional wellbeing.
  •     Professional migration and the challenges it presents to national regulatory systems.
  •     Sociology of professions.

Grants & contracts

As Principal Investigator:
Bryce M, Brennan N, Cockerill J. ‘Learning from exclusions in England, 2009-2019.’ £9,854, NHS Resolution, 2020.

Bryce M (co-PI), Gale T (co-PI), Endacott R, O’Brien T, Price T, Quick O. ‘The concept of seriousness in fitness to practise.’ £124,675, General Dental Council/Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2020-21.

Bryce M, Archer J, Brennan N, Burns L, O'Brien T, Price T. 'Fitness to practise: Impairment and Serious Misconduct - a narrative synthesis review.' £10,537, General Dental Council, 2017.

Bryce M, Archer J, Read J. 'Evaluating resilience training for GP trainees.' £9,500, Health Education England South West, 2017.

As co-applicant:
Brennan N, Bryce M, Humphries N, Knapton A, Gale T. ‘Drivers of international migration of doctors to and from the United Kingdom.’ £48,236, General Medical Council, 2019-20.

Gale T, Bryce M, Burns L, Hanks S, Zahra D. ‘Review and mapping of basic dental training in EU member states.’ £20,026, General Dental Council, 2019-20.

Brennan N, Bryce M, Wong G, Archer J. 'A realist evaluation of appraisal of doctors.' PhD Studentship 2017-2020, PUPSMD R&D Committee, £50,940, 2016.

Archer J, Roberts M, Zahra D, Gabe-Thomas E, Bryce M, Howarth S, O'Brien T. 'Analysis of General Dental Council Fitness to Practise complaints data.' £13,791, General Dental Council, 2016.

Archer J, Bryce M, O'Brien T, Roberts M, Zahra D: 'Analysis of General Dental Council Fitness to Practise complaints data.' £19,663, General Dental Council, 2015.

Regan de Bere S, Bryce M, Archer J: 'Review of decision-making in the General Medical Council's fitness to practise procedures.' £86,611, General Medical Council, 2014.

Archer J, Brennan N, Bryce M, Regan de Bere S: Strategic Review of the Medical Council of Ireland’s arrangements for the maintenance of professional competence. €14,000, Medical Council of Ireland, 2013.

Key publications are highlighted

Ansell S, Read J & Bryce M 2020 'Challenges to well-being for general practice trainee doctors: a qualitative study of their experiences and coping strategies' Postgraduate Medical Journal 96, (1136) 325-330 , DOI PEARL
Price T, Tredinnick-Rowe J, Walshe K, Tazzyman A, Ferguson J, Boyd A, Archer J & Bryce M 2020 'Reviving clinical governance? A qualitative study of the impact of professional regulatory reform on clinical governance in healthcare organisations in England' Health Policy , DOI PEARL
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Regan de Bere S, Nunn S, Archer J, Chatterjee A & Bryce M 2014 Patient and public involvement in medical revalidation. Revalidation Support Team

Reports & invited lectures

‘Implementing regulatory reform: the challenges and opportunities of medical revalidation’, Leaders in Healthcare 2018, BMJ Events/Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, Birmingham, November 2018.

‘Revalidation and professionalism: learning from a national evaluation’, NHS England (London Region) Responsible Officer Network event ‘Professionalism in medicine – arising issues’, London, September 2018.

Other academic activities

Journal peer reviewer, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, BMC Medical Education, and Postgraduate Medical Journal. 

Research grant and report reviewer for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Scottish Medical Education Research Consortium (SMERC). 

Member, University of Plymouth Faculty of Health Faculty Doctoral Committee, since April 2019.

Member, University of Plymouth Faculty of Health and Human Sciences & Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Research Ethics and Integrity Committee, since March 2018.

Member, University of Plymouth Education Research Ethics Sub-Committee, Sept 2013-July 2016.