Dr Lorenzo Cladi

Dr Lorenzo Cladi


School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


I work as a Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Law, Criminology and Government, which I joined in September 2016. I teach modules at undergraduate level (NATO after the Cold War and Beyond at Stage 3, International Security Studies at Stage 2) as well as postgraduate level (Strategy and Security Studies). My key research interests are theoretical explanations of European Security and Defence Policy, the impact of the EU-US relationship on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as Italian foreign policy in the post-Cold War period. Before joining Plymouth University I taught at the University of Birmingham (UK), University of Bath (UK), St. Bonaventure University in New York and Loughborough University (UK). 


PGCert in Academic Practice (University of Birmingham, 2016)

PhD in International Relations (Loughborough University, 2011)

MSc in European Politics (University of Dundee, 2006)

Laurea (BSc) in International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Bologna in Forli, Italy, 2005)

Professional membership

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)

Transatlantic Studies Association (TSA)

Political Studies Association (PSA)

Italian Standing Group on International Relations (SGRI)

Teaching interests

International Security

NATO in the 21st century
European Security
International Relations Theory

Research interests

Theoretical explanations of the European Security and Defence Policy

The EU's foreign policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Italian foreign policy in the post-Cold War period

Key publications are highlighted

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Cladi L & Webber M 2016 'Between Autonomy and Effectiveness: Reassessing the European Union’s Foreign Policy Towards the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict' European Foreign Affairs Review 21, (4) 559-577 Publisher Site PEARL
Cladi L & Locatelli A 2013 'Worth a Shot: On the Explanatory Power of Bandwagoning in Transatlantic Relations' Contemporary Security Policy 34, (2) 374-381 , DOI
Green ST, Cladi L, Morris P & Forde D 2013 'Undergraduate teaching on biological weapons and bioterrorism at medical schools in the UK and the Republic of Ireland: results of a cross-sectional study' BMJ Open 3, (6) e002744-e002744 , DOI
Cladi L & Locatelli A 2012 'Bandwagoning, Not Balancing: Why Europe Confounds Realism' Contemporary Security Policy 33, (2) 264-288 , DOI PEARL
Cladi L & Webber M 2011 'Italian foreign policy in the post-cold war period: a neoclassical realist approach' European Security 20, (2) 205-219 , DOI
Cladi L & Andrea L 0 'Keep calm and carry on (differently): NATO and CSDP after Brexit' Global Policy PEARL
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