Lindsay Aikman

Lindsay Aikman

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



Associate Professor in Psychology and Academic Lead on the Clinical Associate in Psychology (CAPs) MSc Programme

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and Year 3 Academic Module Lead for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology 


2022   Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (AFHEA)

2015  Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University of Plymouth

2013  Foundation Level in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice, University of Plymouth

2010  Postgraduate Certificate in Low Intensity Psychological Therapies, Distinction, University of Plymouth

2007  Certificate of competence Occupational Testing (Level A), The British Psychological Society

2007  Certificate of competence Occupational Testing (Level B Intermediate Modules B1 & B2), The British Psychological Society

2007  BSc (hons) Psychology, First class honours, The Open University

1999   BA (hons) International Management and Business Administration with French, First class honours, Reading University

Multiple professional trainings in Compassion Focused Therapy. 


Lindsay’s main role is as the Academic Lead on the Clinical Associate in Psychology (CAPs) MSc Programme. Alongside this she convenes the third year of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. To maintain her clinical skillset she offers a small amount of time as a Locum Consultant Clinical Psychologist in an eating disorder service.

Prior to moving in to mental health in 2009, Lindsay spent almost ten years working internationally in management research consultancy and specialised in team dynamics and organisational change. She now works in ways that blends these two fields, promoting the importance of interprofessional team working as a key factor in facilitating joined-up experiences of health and social care. Her commitment to this philosophy earned her an award from the Division of Clinical Psychology for co-founding an interdisciplinary learner-led initiative while completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Lindsay worked as a Principal Clinical Psychologist in an acute inpatient mental health unit from 2015 up until early 2022 where she was particularly involved in Quality Improvement work and before that delivered primary care mental health services.

An awareness of organisational systems and how they support best practice, innovation and change has continued to be of interest to Lindsay, noticing how differently MDT practices can be operationalised within services. Lindsay passionately believes that supporting clinicians to be the best versions of themselves is core to the sustainable delivery of compassionate care.

Professional membership

HCPC registration: PYL32429
BABCP registration: 120082



Teaching interests

In the realm of clinical psychology training, my interests are focused on compassion focused therapy, working in inpatient and acute settings, multidisciplinary team functioning and clinical leadership which includes service improvement activity, leadership skills, facilitating reflective practice and supervision.



Research interests

I have particular interests in clinical leadership, mechanisms of team functioning, multi/inter-disciplinary working, and factors contributing to the delivery of compassionate care; including factors that influence staff psychological mindedness such as reflective practice and supervision.

Conversation and discourse analysis are research methods that I favour for the naturalistic study of team practices and interaction.

My clinical specialisms are in the arena of inpatient service settings, acute mental health distress and eating disorders. My favoured model of clinical practice, and main area of expertise, is in compassion focused therapy.




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Smart, C., Pollock, C., Aikman, L., & Willoughby, E. (2018). Power Struggles in MDT Meetings: Using Different Orders of Interaction to Understand the Interplay of Hierarchy, Knowledge and Accountability. In Interprofessional Care and Mental Health (pp. 97-121). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Conference Papers

March 2019, L. Aikman, Presenting quality improvement work on cultivating compassionate care in an acute mental health inpatient unit, South of England Collaborative: Mental health Quality and Patient Safety Improvement by West of England AHSN (Academic Health Science Network)

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Sept 2017, RIPFA (Research in Practice for Adults), Video exploring professionals’ and service receiver and carer’s experience of the Triangle of Care.

Jan 2017, L. Aikman and N. Parish, Multidisciplinary Team Meetings: Collaborative Working for the Future, Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2017: "The Future Is Now"

Dec 2015, L. Aikman, O. Fakoussa and L. Hewitt, Building bridges for the future: interdisciplinary learning prequalification, Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2015: GOING FOR GOLD 50 Years of Clinical Psychology Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities

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Oct 2014, L. Aikman and N. Parish, Can paediatric psychology services save money in an acute hospital?, Paediatric Psychology Network International conference

May 2014, N. Parish and L. Aikman, The efficacy of a paediatric psychology service: a mixed-methods investigation, British Psychological Society Trainee Conference

Presentations and posters

Nov 2021, Dr A Haynes CT1, Dr R Negulescu ACF , Dr L Aikman Psychologist , Dr F Kinnarney ST6, Dr D Scott Consultant, Glenbourne Unit, Plymouth, Devon. Brief & Bespoke Psychology Education Sessions – A Collaborative QI Project on an Acute Female Psychiatric Ward. South West RCPsych Autumn Conference

Sept 2015, C. Smart, N. Parish, L. Aikman, N. Froomberg, T. Auburn, Clients bringing professionals together: Affiliation and alignment in psychology involved healthcare MDT meetings. , British Psychological Society Developmental Section and Social Section Annual Conference