Dr Lexy Sorrell

Dr Lexy Sorrell

Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Medical Statistics

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



I am a Research Fellow in the Medical Statistics research group at Peninsula Medical School. My current research interests lie in the planning and analysis of clinical trials and observational studies. I am particularly interested in the development and application of statistical methodologies to medical research.
Some of the projects I am currently working on include:
  • The ENRICH trial of ibrutinib and rituximab for patients with Mantle-cell lymphoma.
  • The POPPY study investigating patient reported outcomes in quality of recovery, postoperative pain and pain relief in adults undergoing day case surgery.
  • The RESOLVE trial of a very low-calorie diet for patients with hepatic steatosis before liver surgery.
  • The RETREAT phase 0 trial of Ritonavir and Lopinavir in NF2-related schwanamatosis patients.
I co-supervise one statistical PhD, two MD and MSc dissertation students. 


PhD Medical Statistics - University of Plymouth (2021)
MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine - University of Southampton (2017)
BSc Mathematics and Statistics - University of Surrey (2016)

Professional membership

Fellow of the The Royal Statistical Society.
Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

Roles on external bodies

Royal Statistical Society South West Local Group (Committee Member 2018 – present).


Teaching interests

I currently teach the Evidence-Based Practice module to Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) year one undergraduates (2021 - present).
I am an academic tutor to year one BMBS undergraduate students. 
Previously, while in the Mathematics department within the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, I have taught Multivariate Calculus (Advanced Calculus) to year two undergraduates (2020 - 2021), Probability with Applications to year one undergraduates (2019 - 2020) and demonstrated for Statistical Inference and Regression (year two, 2018 - 2019) and SUM:UP (2017 - 2020).


Research interests

I have research interests in applied statistics in medical research, specifically clinical trials and observational studies. I am currently working on a range of trials from phase 0 to phase III, including CTIMPs (Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product) and behavioural studies. 
I have experience analysing data such as that from clinical trials, longitudinal cohort studies and national registry databases. 


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Johns C, Martin D, Fabes J, Sorrell L, Healy E, Phull M, Olusanya S & Peters M (2024) 'The effect of skin tone on the ability of pulse oximetry to accurately estimate arterial oxygen saturation: a systematic review' British Journal of Anaesthesia , DOI Open access
Wei Y, Wojtys M, Sorrell L & Rowe P (2023) 'Bivariate copula regression models for semi-competing risks' Statistical Methods in Medical Research , DOI Open access
Sorrell L, Leta V, Barnett A, Stevens K, King A, Inches J, Kobylecki C, Walker R, Chaudhuri KR & Martin H (2023) 'Clinical features and outcomes of hospitalised patients with COVID-19 and Parkinsonian disorders: A multicentre UK-based study' PLOS ONE 18, (7) , DOI Open access
Gritzner A, Scurr T, Pearce C, Sorrell L, Dalton G, Solola J & Derry D (2023) 'Altruism in medical education: assessing attitudes of hospital in-patients towards face-to-face contact with medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic' BMC Medical Education 23, (1) , DOI Open access
Sorrell A, Wei Y, Wojtys M & Rowe P (2021) 'Estimating the correlation between semi-competing risk survival endpoints' Biometrical Journal: journal of mathematical methods in biosciences , DOI Open access
Sorrell L, Mcardle N, Becque T, Payne H, Stuart B, Turner S & Wyatt JC (2018) 'Influence of external peer reviewer scores for funding applications on funding board decisions: a retrospective analysis of 1561 reviews' BMJ Open 8, (12) , DOI Open access
Presentations and posters
Sorrell L, Barnett A, King A, Inches J, Rideout J, Sneyd JR, Kobylecki C, Chaudhuri K, Walker R & Martin H Sorrell L, Barnett A, King A, Inches J, Rideout J, Sneyd JR, Kobylecki C, Chaudhuri K, Walker R & Martin H 'Outcome and mortality of hospital admission with COVID-19 in parkinsonian syndromes' Author Site , DOI
Sorrell L, King A, Inches J, Rideout J, Sneyd JR, Kobylecki C, Chaudhuri R, Walker R, Martin H & Carroll C Sorrell L, King A, Inches J, Rideout J, Sneyd JR, Kobylecki C, Chaudhuri R, Walker R, Martin H & Carroll C 'Outcome and mortality of hospital admission with COVID-19 for individuals with parkinsonian syndromes' , DOI Open access
  • Sorrell, L (2020) "Can maths help in the fight against COVID-19?", Student Life Magazine, University of Plymouth .
  • Sorrell, L (2018) "Event report: Royal Statistical Society William Guy lecture – Teenagers and society", StatsLife Magazine. 


Conferences organised

October 2020: Joint RSS South West Local Group - Impact Lab event: Early Career Researchers' Health Data Science Symposium.