Dr Konstantin Glebov

Dr Konstantin Glebov

Lecturer in Clinical Neurobiology

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)


2002 - Diploma in Biology with honors

2007 - PhD in Neuroscience (summa cum laude)

Research interests

My main research interest is molecular basis of neuron-glia communication. Glia cells are the most abundant cell type in human brain. Communication between neuron and glia cells is one of the most intriguing processes that happen in the brain. It is mediated through different classes of receptors and release of small double membrane vesicles called exosomes. Study of these mechanisms can help us to understand molecular basis underlying pathomechanisms of brain disorders like Alexander disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson.

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
Schuele R, Ferbert A, Oteyza AC, Synofzik M, Glebov K, Gonzalez M, Walter J, Stevanin G, Zuechner S & Schoels L 2013 'Defective synthesis of complex gangliosides is involved in hereditary spastic paraplegia' S405-S405