Dr Kieran Monk

Dr Kieran Monk

Senior Technician (COAST & Light Fluids)

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Senior Technician Physical Modelling

Coast  laboratory


PhD in Coastal Engineering - Plymouth University (2016)

Msc in Applied and Physical Oceanography – Bangor University (2008)

Bsc in Physics – Cardiff University (2006)

Research interests

-Wave energy conversion
-Short-term forecasting and control of wave energy converters
-Wave structure interactions
-Wave field modification from wave energy devices 

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K. Monk, Q. Zou, and D. Conley, Theeffect of diffraction on the redistribution of wave energy in the lee of anovertopping type wave energy converter array, Proceedings of the 33rdInternational Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE), Santander, Spain, 2012.

K. Monk,Q. Zou, and D. Conley, An approximate solution for the wave energy shadow in the lee of an array of over-topping type wave energy converters. Coastal Engineering, 73(1), pp.115-132, 2013.

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M. Vieira, K. Monk, A. Sarmento, and L.Reis, The Pico power plant as an infrastructure for development research andgraduation, Proceedings of Congresso de ciecia e Desenvolvimento dos Acores(ACDA), Angra do Heroismo, Azores 2013.

F. Paparella, K. Monk, V. Winands, M.F.P.Lopes, D. Conley, and J.V. Ringwood, Benefits of up-wave measurements in linearshort-term forecasting for wave energy applications. Proceedings of the IEEEMulti-conference on Systems and Control, Antibes, France, 2014

F. Paparella, K. Monk, V. Winands,M.F.P. Lopes, D. Conley, and Ringwood, J. V. Up-wave and auto-regressive methods for short-term wave forecasting for an oscillating water column. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 6(1), pp. 171-178,201

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K. Monk, V. Winands, M.F.P Lopes, Chamber pressure skewness corrections using a passive relief valve system at the Pico oscillating water column wave energy plant, Renewable Energy, 2018