Dr Karen Treasure

Dr Karen Treasure

Associate Lecturer

Plymouth School of Government (HP) (Faculty of Business (HP))


Associate Lecturer: International Relations and Politics
Also Associate Lecturer with the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences


2004 BSc International Relations with Politics (First Class Honours) - University of Plymouth

2005 MA Global Security and Development (Distinction) - University of Plymouth

2010 PhD: The Power of Empowerment: Recognising Power Relations Within 'Development' for Communities in Zambia - University of Plymouth

Professional membership

Member:  British International Studies Association (BISA)

Teaching interests

IRL 1202 - Introduction to Contemporary International Relations

GGH 203 - The Third World
POL 2302 - Democracy and Globalisation: Modern Citizens and the State
IRL 2201 - Understanding Global Politics

IRL 3201 - Africa in the International System

IRL 518 - Sub-Saharan Africa in the Global Political Economy
IRL 503 - Research, Professional Skills and Methodology

Nominated for an SSTAR Award for 'Inspirational teaching' in 2014

Research interests

Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, International Political Economy, Theorising International Power and Empowerment, Theories of International Social Justice I have also recently been involved with research on educational development and the arts in higher education.

Key publications are highlighted

McLeod F, Jamison C & Treasure K 2018 'Promoting interprofessional learning and enhancing the pre-registration student experience through reciprocal cross professional peer tutoring' Nurse Educ Today 64, 190-195 Author Site , DOI
Winter J, Chapman S & Treasure K 2014 'Contemporary art as extra-curricular learning: Lessons from a university art gallery' The International Journal of Arts Education
Gibb R & Treasure K 2014 'From Colonial Administration to Development Funding: Characterisations of SACU as a Governance Mechanism' JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN AFRICAN STUDIES 40, (4) 819-838 Author Site , DOI
Gibb R & Treasure K 2011 'SACU at centenary: Theory and practice of democratising regionalism' South African Journal of International Affairs 18, (1) 1-21
Treasure KL 2014 'Connecting state citizen and society: The externalised context of community groups in Zambia' in Gabay C; Death C Critical Perspectives on African Politics: Liberal interventions, state-building and civil society Oxon Routledge