Julie Swain

Academic profile

Mrs Julie Swain

Partnership Manager
TNE and International Partnerships (Plymouth Global)

About Julie

A key lead in supporting and ensuring the Plymouth University student experience for new and existing HE partnerships in the UK and internationally. Focussing on how Plymouth University and partner institution contributions are effectively combined to deliver a high quality and distinctive student experience ensuring that Academic Partnerships has the ability to both [1] react rapidly to immediate concerns for the student experience and [2] to ensure that issues concerning the student experience that emerge via quality processes and student surveys, e.g. Annual Programme Monitoring, NSS, are tackled in a timely fashion.

Relationship Development Manager for designated UK partnerships.


Key Accountabilities:

• Deliver the role summary in a way that effectively meets the needs of all internal and external stakeholders.

• Contribute to and support the development, implementation and continuous review of the Academic Partnerships strategic plan in accord with delivering against the University’s strategic and overarching ambitions.

• Role model the University’s value-based behaviours for leaders in all dealings with University partners.

• Specialist lead on the delivery and continuous development of an effective and flexible new partner service, in a way that reflects the University’s values-based behaviours for leaders, informing and implementing appropriate strategic initiatives to ensure the efficient operation of Academic Partnerships.

Develop and implement processes, procedures and policies that meet strategic business needs, maintain legal compliance, and deliver on the commitment to continuous improvement.

• Lead and engage in research, projects and studies influencing the strategic development of HE in FE and partnerships, within the University, nationally and internationally.

• Follow the appropriate financial and regulatory policies and procedures ensuring necessary standards are adhered to.

• Effectively disseminate University information to a wide variety of partner stakeholders and disseminate/publish the outcomes of Academic Partnership research and development activity.

• Research, investigate, interpret and create accurate information sources, creating appropriate methods of communication to raise awareness and ensure the effective dissemination of specialist Academic Partnership knowledge and understanding.

• Create relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders, provide specialist Academic Partnership information, advice and guidance, resolving complex issues, through creative and unique solutions that support the strategic needs of the business.

• Proactively network with customers, to engender the effective sharing of knowledge, developing best practice, implementing initiatives that drive forward business improvements.

• Decisions impacting on cross functional activities, creating guidance and training on specialist Academic Partnership activities, associated policies and procedures, to enable the successful delivery and development of the service.

• Leads and influences appropriate University wide projects outside of immediate work area.

Contact Julie

HH211, Hepworth House, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA
+44 1752 587907