Dr Julian Elston

Dr Julian Elston

Senior Research Fellow- Integrated Care Evaluation

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)

Dr Julian Elston can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Social prescribing
  • Public health
  • Health services
  • Mixed-methods
  • Participatory action research


I am a researcher and Consultant in Public Health. I currently work as a Researcher-in-Residence at Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust (an Integrated Care Organisation), researching and supporting the evaluation of its new model of integrated care, particularly in relation to person-centred care (integrated care and social prescribing) and knowledge mobilisation (the Researcher-in-Residence). 

I have worked in academia, the NHS and the voluntary sector. Prior to this post I was a Screening and Immunisation Lead for the South West Peninsula, overseeing the implementation, quality and governance of programmes.

My academic interests also relate to inter-organisational working, quality improvement, quality assurance and health inequalities.

I am a multidisciplinary, mixed-methods researcher drawing on a wide range of literatures, including health services, public health, sociology, economics and organisation theory. I have published primary and secondary research on a range of public health related topics (health services, health protection and health promotion).


My PhD was an evaluation of strategic health partnership in the NHS. It was a multiple case study using mixed methods to understand the function and impact of multi-agency health partnerships. Drawing on theories from sociology, economics, management, organisation theory and operational research, I developed an analytical framework combining three theories operating at the micro, meso and macro level (collaboration theory, resourced dependency theory, governance theory) to understand the factors that influence the implementation, development and functioning of partnerships.

2009 - Consultant in Public Health, Severn Deanery.

2005 - PhD in health services, LSHTM, University of London

1997 - MSc in Public Health, LSHTM, University of London

1986 - BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Birmingham

Professional membership

I am a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health



Teaching interests

I have been teaching undergraduate medical students public health at the Universities of Plymouth and Exeter since 2006. This has included giving lectures and workshops on over 33 different topics, using a variety of teaching methods and approaches.

I enjoy teaching and strive to ensure that those whom I teach are enthused by my interest in and knowledge of public health. I am particularly keen for medical students to be able to locate clinical work in a broader context, so that they understand what drives demand for health care and recognise their wider role, such as in health promotion and health planning. 

I have taught on MSc in Public Health at LSHTM, University of London as guest speaker on the Health Management module, whilst training as a Consultant in Public Health.

As a PhD student and Research Fellow, I was involved in organising and running the MSc in Public Health. This involved developing and delivering teaching sessions, tutoring students, reviewing the curriculum, setting exam questions, marking papers and attending a variety of teaching committees to discuss course evaluation and development.

I am also trained as an educational/academic supervisor for the Severn Deanery, supporting Specialist Registrars in Public Health become consultants.



Research interests

My current research interests cover two areas.

  • Person-centred care – focusing on social prescribing and intermediate/integrated care (with a focus on multi-morbidity in older people), understanding for whom, how and in what circumstances these services improve patient experience and outcomes.

  • Knowledge mobilisation– particularly in relation to the Researcher in Residence model and how embedded researchers can build research and evaluation capacity and capability, facilitate the use of formal and local knowledge to co-produce evidence (with service users), innovate and to improve local services

Research groups

Grants & contracts

  • Jan 2020; Co-applicant and joint lead on NIHR 19-117 call: Peninsula Adult Social Care Research Collaborative (PARC): Building capacity and embedding research in practice using the Researcher-in-Residence model, £2,400,000 (pending)
  • Sep 2019; PI on the Devon STP Social Prescribing Evaluation and Research project (DeSSPER), £99,998

  • Nov 2018; Joint PI on the Evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of Health Navigators’ telephone-based health coaching service, Devon CCG, £29,500

  • Apr 2018; Joint PI on Evaluating the new care model at Torbay and South Devon NHS FT Trust, £149,360

  • Jan 2017; Co-Applicant on the Evaluation of Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard Initiatives in the Southern Cluster, £180,000

  • Oct 2008; Joint PI on Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of Down’s screening strategies using a decision analytic computer model, Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, £93,059

  • Oct 2008; on Co-Applicant on Population screening for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A review of the literature, National Screening Committee, £19,843

  • Nov 2007; PI on the North Devon Acoustic Cueing Therapy Study (NDACTS), a pragmatic randomised cross-over trial, Northcott Devon Medical Foundation, £4,029

  • May 2000; PI on an Evaluation of strategic health policy partnerships (PhD Fellowship), North Thames Regional Health Authority, £120,000




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