Dr Jonas Aryee

Dr Jonas Aryee

Lecturer in Management and Maritime Business

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Jonas Aryee is a lecturer at Plymouth Business School, leading the undergraduate Maritime Economics and International Trade modules. He has extensive experience and knowledge in the maritime sector, having obtained a BSc in Ports & Shipping Administration from the Regional Maritime University in Ghana, followed by an MSc in Maritime & Transport Economics from the University of Antwerp in Belgium, and a Ph.D. from Aarhus University in Denmark with his thesis on the Politicisation of Digital Transformation in the Port of Tema in Ghana.

Over the past 15 years, Jonas has been dedicated to teaching and building the capacity of public and private sector workers in the maritime transport and logistics sector in Africa as a lecturer at the Regional Maritime University, Ghana, and adjunct lecturer at the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. In practice, he worked in a shipping line and has served on the Transport Sector Working Group and Transport Planners Group of the Ministry of Transport in Ghana, where he has shared his expertise. Additionally, he has worked as a Transport Economist on an EU-funded project on selected portions of the Trans-Ecowas Highway in Liberia.

He is passionate about providing solutions enabling intelligent decision-making in government and business. He approaches issues in the transport and international trade sectors from a systems perspective, helping stakeholders appreciate these issues' holistic nature.

Jonas' research interests are centred around Socio-technical issues in ports and trade facilitation, port governance and cluster development, and maritime policy. Jonas is involved with colleagues from Aarhus University, Regional Maritime University, and the University of Ghana in a research project dubbed Port Effectiveness and Public-Private Cooperation for Competitiveness (PEPP II). I am exploring port cluster development in ports with single national port authorities.

Through his podcast, The African Transportation Convos (also on Apple podcast and other outlets), He promotes equitable transport, mobility, and digitalization in the transport sector. His podcast seeks to engage with policymakers, practitioners, technopreneurs, logisticians, industry professionals, and the general public to highlight the perspectives of different stakeholders. You can also follow him on youtube, where he shares some of the issues he is passionate about and his conversations with people.


  • PhD (Aarhus University)
  • MSc Maritime & Transport Economics (University of Antwerp)
  • BSc Ports & Shipping Administration (Regional Maritime University)



Teaching interests

  • Maritime Economics
  • International Trade
  • Economic Geography



Research interests

  • Socio-technical systems for port efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Digitalisation in maritime and trade facilitation 
  • Port governance
  • Port cluster development 
  • Maritime policy

Grants & contracts

Port Efficiency and Public-Private Capacity in Ghana (PEPP I), Danida Fellowship Centre (Copenhagen, Denmark), Grant Number: 18-M02-AU, January 2019 to January 2022.  http://http//drp.dfcentre.com/project/port-efficiency-and-public-private-capacity-pepp/

Port Effectiveness and Public-Private Cooperation for Competitiveness (PEPP II), Danida Fellowship Centre (Copenhagen, Denmark), Grant Number: 21-M04-AU, January 2022 to January 2025,  http://https//projects.au.dk/pepp-ii



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Nicolaisen MA, Andersen C, Baun PS, Aryee J & Hansen AS (2023) 'Keeping the Port of Tema afloat during COVID-19: Media responses to user informational and conversational needs' Journal of African Media Studies , DOI Open access
Andersen T, Aryee J, Acheampong G & Hansen AS (2023) 'The continuous search for new port governance models: experiences from a developing country' Journal of Shipping and Trade 8, (1) Publisher Site , DOI
Aryee J & Hansen AS (2022) 'De-politicization of digital systems for trade facilitation at the port of tema: A soft systems methodology approach' Case Studies on Transport Policy 10, (1) 105-117 Publisher Site , DOI
Acheampong G, Aryee J, Andersen T & Hansen AS (2022) 'Stakeholder legitimacy and efficiency: the case of innovation at the Port of Tema, Ghana' International Journal of Business and Globalisation 30, (1) 92-92 Publisher Site , DOI
Aryee J, Andersen C & Hansen AS (2021) 'The social-political embeddedness of import clearance: 20 years of digital transformation at tema, ghana' World Customs Journal 15, (1) 3-14
Aryee J, Sena Gohoho E & VanDyck GK (2015) 'Offshore support base location of Subsea Engineering Companies (SECs) for Tweneboa, Enyenra and Ntomme (TEN) Project in Ghana Using Analytic Hierarchy Process' International Journal of Social Science and Economics Invention 1, (04) Publisher Site , DOI



Project - Port Effectiveness and Public-Private Cooperation for Competitiveness (PEPP II) 

Podcast - The African Transportation Convos (also on Apple podcast and other outlets)

Youtube -  youtube