Dr Jon Allard

Dr Jon Allard

Honorary University Fellow

Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences


Research Fellow


Research Work:

I have worked in health service research for a number of organisations including:

Falmouth University
University of Bristol
Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust
Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust
National Audit Office
Great Ormond Street Hospital

My research has been undertaken in a variety of healthcare settings including operating theatres, oncology and haematology wards, accident and emergency, acute mental health and secondary mental health care. This research has focussed on patient safety, collaborative team working and NHS service delivery.

I am trained in and have worked with a variety of research methods, but I am particularly interested in qualitative research and its use in mental health and complex patient care. I have a strong interest in this area and have worked with individuals with psychosis and schizophrenia on two multi-site NIHR programme grants. I completed my PhD in 2013. This was an in-depth ethnographic study focussed on micropolitics (power dynamics) on an acute mental health ward and hospital emergency department. 

I am currently working as a Research Fellow on an Evaluation of Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC). IPC is aimed at improving the experience and care for people with complex, ongoing physical, social and mental health needs and those who are at high risk of crises leading to unplanned or institutionalised care.


Phd 'Performing politics in the clinical team: context and subtext". Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry - Universities of Plymouth and Exeter. 2013

Postgraduate Certificate in Social Science Research Methods. Nottingham Trent University. 2000

MA Public Administration and Management. University of Liverpool. 1997

BA (hons) Politics 1996. University of Liverpool 1996 

Key publications are highlighted

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Additional information

 I moved to Cornwall in 2004 and surf year round.