Dr Jolanta Kisielewska

Dr Jolanta Kisielewska

Associate Professor of Medical Education

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Associate Professor of Medical Education
BMBS Medical Knowledge Module Lead
Lead in nutrition
Co-lead in physiology
Academic Tutor
Small group (EBL) facilitator


Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (2018)Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education, Plymouth University
PhD in Agricultural Sciences (Physiology), Academy of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland
MSc in Agricultural Sciences (Genetics), Academy of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland

Roles on external bodies

School Representative to MSCAA
External Examiner


Teaching interests

BMBS PhysiologyBMBS Nutrition, 
Radiography and Physician Associate PG programme
Small group facilitator (EBL), 
Student Selected Component facilitator 


Research interests

1. For 2018-2021, co-researcher from UoP for European Erasmus +project “ Development of online international adaptive progress testing (OIAPT)” alongside Thomas Gale and Steven Burr.
2. 2016_2018, co-researcher in an inter-faculty project, led by Dr Kamran Ali, on “Impact of Learning Disabilities on the Performance of Students in Healthcare Education”. I led medical programme part of this research. This research has been presented at Association of Dental Research meeting in Vancouver in June 2019.
3. 2017-2018, J.Kisielewska, D.Zahra, E.Gabe-Thomas, “Impact of students’ engagement with online formative medical knowledge tests (AMK) on their academic performance”.
4. 2016-2017,J. Kisielewska, D.Zahra, E.Gabe-Thomas: two interdisciplinary projects related to improving students’ academic performance in electrocardiogram (ECG) interpreting skills: “Factors that determine students’ engagement in ECG interpretation skills formative assessment” and “To what extend does engagement in formative assessment improve ECG summative assessment performance”. 


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Conference Papers
Jolanta Kisielewska, Paul Millin, Neil Rice, Jose Miguel Pego, Steven Burr,  Michal Nowakowski, Thomas Gale, Students’ perspectives on an Online Adaptive International Progress Test. EBMA, Paradigms in Assessments, Helsinki, 10-12th November 2022.

Jolanta Kisielewska, Tom Gale, Evaluation of the Pilot of OAIPT, Fuchal, Madeira, Portugal, 30th October 2021

José Miguel Pêgo, Neil Rice, Carlos Collares, Jolanta Kisielewska, Tom Gale, EBMA Erasmus+ Project Team, Enablers and barriers in developing an online adaptive international progress test with a transnational consortium (OAIPT), Amee, 2021, 27th-30th August, The virtual conference

 K. Ali, J. Kisielewska, F. Subhan, K. Tredwin “Impact of Dyslexia on the Education Experiences of Undergraduate Students in Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences: qualitative studies”, International Association for Dental Research meeting in Vancouver, June 2019.

D.Zahra, E.Gabe-Thomas, J.Kisielewska(PI) ”Impact of students’ engagement with online formative medical knowledge tests on their academic performance". Published in Annual European Conference on Assessment in Medical Education; Technology enabled assessment, “Reshaping the future of assessment for life-long learners”, European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA), 2018, Braga, Portugal.

Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas, Daniel Zahra, Jolanta Kisielewska (PI)“To what extent does engagement in formative assessment improve summative ECG assessment performance?” Published in Annual European Conference on Assessment in Medical Education; Transformative Assessment, “Making the strategic use of assessment meaningful for learning”, EBMA, November 2017, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.

Kisielewska J.and Moyes S. Living Models – their comprehensive input into developing patients/doctor good practice. PedRio Conference, 2013, Plymouth University. 

Presentations and posters