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Mr John Hudswell

Senior Developer

IT Product Development and Delivery (Technology & Information Services)

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Hudswell J & Thompson A 2020 'The Tavistock Trendle: The Biography of a Prehistoric Enclosure' Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and the Arts 152, 117-150
Thompson A & Hudswell J 2019 'The Trendle: Tavistock's Iron Age Settlement' Dartmoor Magazine (134) 22-24
Hudswell JSP 2014 'Propelling Pencils - the Korean experience: supplementary sources' Journal of Pencil Studies 1, (1) 22-36
Hudswell JSP 2014 'Variations in pencil delineation - correction' Journal of Pencil Studies 1, (1) 12-15
Hudswell J Hudswell J 'Home Scenes - Tavistock's first Guide Book'
Hudswell J Hudswell J 'Rachel Evans - Author, Poet and Teacher of Tavistock'
Other Publications
Hudswell JSP "Cloud-cuckoo-land", Notes and Queries, The Guardian. Publisher Site