Mrs Joanne Dorothea-Smith

Mrs Joanne Dorothea-Smith

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Joanne has experience in diverse fields such as academic research, exhibition making, community education, technical support, and lecturing. She has worked with diverse technologies, such as iPads, asset management software, and digital cameras and her current role within Digital Education on the Faculty of Health iPad project utilises these skills. She is experienced in delivering workshops and lectures, and has experience in designing and developing courses and teaching materials. She is also photographic artist who uses different mediums, including photography, sound, and printmaking, and has curated group exhibitions, made promotion materials for digital and print, and led community workshops. She has also delivered humanitarian education workshops for the British Red Cross.


Ph.D. Candidate - Vision, Photography & Representation - 2021 - Current University of Plymouth - Plymouth

MA in Photography & Writing - 2018 - With Distinction - University of Plymouth

BA in Photography - 1st - 2014 Plymouth College of Art

Arts For Dementia certificate - Pass

The Practice of Exhibition Making, V&A Education - Pass

Professional membership

RPS Women in Photography

Roles on external bodies

CAMP Co-Director -



Teaching interests

2022-2023 - Working with third year BA Creative Media students to deliver their final major projects and create work for their final exhibition that will be shown this summer. Delivering lectures, tutorials and marking. This requires knowledge of diverse arts practices and exhibition skills, academic research knowledge and subject specialisms.



Research interests

PhD Candidate - 

My PhD is about the ubiquitous links between understandings of vision, the commonly accepted authority of the camera apparatus and the role of the photograph in representing this. This research proposes that a molecular account of vision [HM1] may offer a way to disrupt or re-locate the relationship between the camera and the eye. The approach taken is concerned with molecular accounts of vision that have emerged, applying a diffractive analysis (Barad 2007) to varied specific subjects that discuss what vision might be. This is a method that can directly link eyesight, physics, historical descriptions and new-materialist theories. (Sayal-Bennett, 2021) and may allow all subjects to work together and through each other when using research from diverse disciplinary areas.

The research contained within this project investigates the following loosely defined areas;


I.  Historical Descriptions of Vision

II. Molecular Account of Vision

III. The Camera

IV. The Photograph[HM3] 

 When we look at anything what is it we are actually looking at? The levels of complexity within this one question are staggering and include; How do we create meaning and possibilities for action, understanding of relational spaces, spatial relationships between objects, reading of texts and signs, interpersonal narratives, representations of creatures and landscapes are a small number of the avenues of inquiry that could be taken. There are many intricacies within this and all of these differ depending on many contextual concerns, some of these might be cultural, historical, biological, political or quantum. These discrete and ever linking instances of possibility point toward ever further meanings and representations where additional questions can be asked. Every one of these cannot be included in the scope of this research as this would be too broad, so choosing to critically examine certain aspects and explanations of the visual as represented in art-historical and photographic theory with regard the visual system itself and its relationship to the apparatus of image capture will be sufficient.


Other research

The Way We Live - Gill Craigie's film and the possible futures of Plymouth. 2023

Scoping project for The Box and collaborating with the University of Plymouth. 

Creative practice & artistic projects - Portfolio

Photographic Artist 

Artist who uses photography, sound, moving image, writing and printmaking, using interpretations of place and person at different connecting points in time and space. Working with memory, found photography and the land excavating spaces using photography, historical and scientific data and embodied practices of writing and exploration. These intersections of experience and memory make for an aggregated practice that draws upon her Autistic lived experience and reflection. (see bio at the bottom of this CV)

·    Exhibition Making (The Practice of Exhibition Making – V&A Course)

·    Curating group exhibitions

·    Making promotion materials for digital and print

·    Community workshops

·    Art as research activities

·    Sound Art & writing


Free Range Truman Brewery Class of 2014 Plymouth College of Art - Selected

Photographic Works & Installation of "Reality Thins"


Impressions 6 - University of Plymouth - 2016 - "Stand" Etchings on paper


Impressions 7 - University of Plymouth - 2017 - "Vans" Etchings on paper


Acapella group show - 2016 - Large scale photographic installation of "Stand"


Interim group show - 2017 - Work in progress curation and development of work


Frequencies - 2018 - Peninsula Arts - group show - "The Eye The Well" Sculptural

photographic works & Graphic design


Frequencies Collective - 2019- 44AD Bath - "Stand" & "The Eye The Well"


Spectra - 2021 - Bath Artist Studios - "Essex 1976-1999"


Christmas Show - 2021 - Homeframe Gallery - Plymouth - Selection of works


Kinsequences - 2022 - Back Lane West Redruth - Photography,

(sound)performance, creative writing.


Broadcast of Kinsequences - 2022 - Broadcast of performance - Radia network &

Soundart Radio (Dartington)


Mix Tape group show - 2022 - Leadworks, Plymouth - The Ages of the Eye, selected

works. Catalogue Link -


How Long Group Show - CAMP 2022 - Essex 1976/1999 - Red Dad


Editions 365 - & British Journal of Photography -



Features & Awards


IPA's - Honorable mentions 2014 & 2016

Source magazine - Class of 2018 - Postgraduate

Millennium Images - Representation since 2014

Femlens featured Photographer

Cinewomen - Women In Film - Winner 2018 art film category for "Reality Thins"

Saatchi Gallery - Work/prints available from here.

Album artworks for Mt Onsra - 2019/2022



Reports & invited lectures

Adventures in Post-Humanism Doctoral Event 2022

Seminar - "What is a molecular account of Vision?" -