Dr Jeremy Fabes

Dr Jeremy Fabes

Honorary Associate Professor

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



I am a Consultant in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine at Derriford hospital. My main research interests are around transplantation and haemorrhage/coagulation, in particular how we can optimise management in these settings to improve patient outcomes.

Within transplantation I am running the NIHR-funded Octreotide randomised controlled trial. This multicentre trial is investigating whether octreotide leads to improvements in patient and liver graft outcomes following liver transplantation. We are close to completing recruitment to this trial and will be seeking further funding to expand this study in the near future. Other areas of research in transplantation that we are developing include the implementation of Prehabilitation in renal transplantation through exercise, nutrition and other forms of optimisation to improve outcomes for patients before and after transplant surgery. We are also exploring whether interventions to improve patient and organ preconditioning around transplantation reduce the risks from ischaemia reperfusion injury.

My other area of interest, coagulation, is focussed on meta-analysis and systematic review to determine optimum management of patients with, or at risk of, haemorrhage. I also hold a grant looking at coagulation changes in severe chest sepsis using thromboelastography in the intensive care unit.


MA (1st Class) University of Cambridge 2002

PhD in Neuroscience, University College London 2006

BM BCh University of Oxford 2010

MSc in Perioperative Medicine, University College London 2018

Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists