Dr James Edwards

Dr James Edwards

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences - Microbiology (Education)

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)


Lecturer in Biomedical Science - Microbiology (Education)


I joined Peninsula Medical School as a Lecturer in Biomedical Science in 2013. I previously worked as a research scientist and Teaching Fellow at the University of York. I have worked on a variety of research projects, both in industry and academia, with the most recent studying respiratory processes and growth physiology in pathogenic bacteria. At York I taught on a number of biochemistry modules and supervised undergraduate project students. At Plymouth, my position allows me to focus on teaching our undergraduate medicine and postgraduate physician associate students about various topics in microbiology and treatment of infectious disease. Occasionally I work with other groups of students too. 


BSc (Hons) Microbiology, University of Surrey, 2002

Ph.D, Department of Biology, University of York, 2006

PGCAP, University of Plymouth, 2014

Twitter: @pupsmd_micro

Professional membership

Member of the Microbiology Society

Member of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease

Member of the Society for Applied Microbiology

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Roles on external bodies

I co-organised the Microbiology Society 'Teaching Microbiology in Higher Education' symposium at the 2019 conference:


I am involved in planning the 2020 conference along with colleagues from other institutions.

Teaching interests

I have teaching interests in medical microbiology, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance and molecular biology. I deliver lectures, year 1 & 2 life science resource centre sessions (small group teaching) and year 3 and 4 teaching in support of these areas.  

Within the department I have several roles:

  • Academic lead for microbiology (Peninsula Medical School)
  • Infection and Immunity theme lead MSc Physician Associate studies
  • Module lead for Foundations in Clinical Medicine (MSc Physician Associate Studies) 
  • Academic tutor BMBS year 1 & 2, MSc Physician Associate studies year 1
  • Pastoral tutor
  • EBL facilitator (BMBS year 1)
  • Co-lead for the year 2 & 3 SSU 'Doctor as Educator' with Dr. Karen Johnstone 
  • SSC1 assessment lead
  • SSU provider for year 1 and 2 BMBS 
  • I also help organise events as part of our Division of Educational Scholarship with Dr Tracey Collett and Dr Helen Watson

Research interests

Microbiology in HE

I am particularly interested in how microbiology is taught nationally, both in science and healthcare curricula. I am interested in identifying difficult to understand topics within microbiology and tailoring teaching to address these areas.

Student led mentoring

I am interested in student mentoring, particularly with supporting students to become peer-peer or near-peer mentors.

Currently, we have a mentoring scheme looking at pairing our 5th year and 1st year students. I have been awarded a grant to evaluate this scheme. 

Previous interests: 

Although not currently active in the laboratory, I still retain an interest in the growth physiology of bacterial pathogens, how they respire and how they regulate the transcription of respiratory genes.

I have used in vitro and in vivo approaches in the past to investigate this, including gene cloning, protein over-expression and purification, DNA binding assays, gene knock-outs and reporter gene fusions.

I am also interested in how microorganisms respond to environmental pollutants and in detoxification of the environment.

Internally I have acted as an adviser to PhD candidates. 

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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