Dr James Close

Dr James Close

Research Fellow - System Levers of Person Centred Care

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)

Key publications are highlighted

Close J, Fosh B, Wheat H, Horrell J, Lee W, Byng R, Bainbridge M, Blackwell R, Witts L & Hall L 2019 'Longitudinal evaluation of a countywide alternative to the Quality and Outcomes Framework in UK General Practice aimed at improving Person Centred Coordinated Care' BMJ Open 9, (7) e029721-e029721 , DOI PEARL
Lloyd H, Wheat H, Horrell J, Sugavanam T, Fosh B, Valderas JM & Close J 2018 'Patient-Reported Measures for Person-Centered Coordinated Care: A Comparative Domain Map and Web-Based Compendium for Supporting Policy Development and Implementation' Journal of Medical Internet Research 20, (2) e54-e54 , DOI PEARL