Mr James Allen

Mr James Allen

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD Student


MSc Marine Renewable Energy - University of Plymouth (2013-2014)

BSc Physics with Astrophysics - University of Exeter (2008-2012)

Research interests

WAVEIMPACT - Characterisation of WEC array interaction with the wave field and component WECs using laboratory tests to validate a numerical model.

  • Wave Renewable Energy
    • WaveCat WEC
    • Overtopping WECs
  • Wave Energy Converter Arrays
  • Numerical Modelling
    • STAR-CCM+
    • SPH
    • WAMIT

Key publications are highlighted

Allen J, Sampanis K, Wan J, Greaves D, Miles J & Iglesias G 2016 'Laboratory Tests in the Development of WaveCat' Sustainability 8, (12) 1339-1339 , DOI PEARL
Conference Papers
Allen J, Sampanis K, Wan J, Miles J, Greaves D & Iglesias G 0 'Laboratory tests and numerical modelling in the development of WaveCat' Lewis A EWTEC 818\hyphen 1-818\hyphen 10 PEARL