Dr Holly Roy

Dr Holly Roy

Honorary University Fellow

Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences


Academic clinical fellow in neurosurgery



Research interests

My research is based in David Parkinson's group. One of the main aims of the group is to characterise the factors which drive the regenerative capacity of the peripheral nervous system. The focus of my project is investigating the role of the Hippo signalling pathway on gene expression in Schwann cells following injury.

Key publications are highlighted

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Roy HA, Griffiths DJ, Aziz TZ, Green AL & Menke RAL 2019 'Investigation of urinary storage symptoms in Parkinson's disease utilizing structural MRI techniques' Neurourology and Urodynamics 38, (4) 1168-1175 , DOI
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Roy H & Green AL 0 'The Central Autonomic Network and Regulation of Bladder Function' Frontiers in Neuroscience , DOI