Mrs Helen Barrett

Mrs Helen Barrett

Research Assistant

SERIO - Research Impact and Partnerships (Research & Innovation)



Researcher at SERIO, delivering a wide range of projects. I work on both quantitative and qualitative research, using a range of methods/techniques including telephone and face to face interviews, online surveys, focus groups and comprehensive literature reviews. My role involves research design, analysis and report writing.

Some most recent clients include seAp, Exeter City Council, Plymouth City Council, the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Pluss, Livewell and the Heart of the South West LEP. 

Types of research projects include: service evaluations (from large-scale initiatives to community-level services), market research on consumer website and app use, health-related research projects including a systematic review on oral health promotion for the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), and reviews for the UK National Screening Committee.  

Knowledge of research software, with particular expertise in Snap Surveys, NVivo and SPSS.


MSc Development Management (Open University)

BA Geography (The University of Plymouth)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


Kay E, Vascott D, Hocking A, Nield H, Dorr C, Barrett H (2016) A review of approaches for dental practice teams for promoting oral health. Community Dentistry & Oral Epidemiology 44(4):313– 30

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