Dr Harriet Dismore

Dr Harriet Dismore

Lecturer in Education

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



I am a Lecturer in Education for Plymouth Institute of Education 



2019 Senior Fellow HEA
2012 Fellow HEA

2007 PhD Education, University of Kent

2003 MSc Tourism and Environmental Management, Canterbury Christ Church University
2001 BA (Hons) History, University of Kent

Employment History

2020 -          Lecturer in Education, University of Plymouth
2016 - 2019     Educational Developer, University of Plymouth
2012-2015            Lecturer in Education, University of Southampton
2011-2012            Lecturer in Education, Brunel University
2008-2011            Research Fellow, University of Plymouth
2003-2008            Research Fellow, Canterbury Christ Church University



Teaching interests

BA Education

- EDST401 Critical Questions in Education

- EDST411 Education Futures

MA Education

- MASE754 Alternatives in Education

- MASU755 Learning for Sustainability and Global Citizenship


- PGSEN704 Organisational Contexts

- PGSEN705 Leading on Teaching and Learning



Research interests

I am interested in the following research areas:

Educational transition and progression
I have undertaken a number of research projects into the transition between primary and secondary school, further education to higher education and higher education to work. This has included exploring vocational-academic routes and the impact of the credential landscape on learners in the UK.

Lifelong learning 
Although a broad topic, research into lifelong learning remains relatively limited. In particular I am interested in longitudinal studies to explore the lived experiences of learners.

I am interested in employability as a lifelong process and the different approaches to researching this topic.

Community engagement
I am interested in place-based learning and the role of community engagement in lifelong and life-wide learning.  

As part of research supported by the Society for Research into Higher Education, I have investigated the progression of former apprentices into higher education. 



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Turner R, Spowart L, Dismore H, Beckmann E, Carkett R & Khamis T (2024) 'When we speak Faculty listen: Exploring spaces for students to contribute to the development of lecturers’ academic practice' Professional Development in Education , DOI Open access
Dismore H, Campbell-Barr V, Manning R & Warwick P (2024) 'A relational approach to knowledge exchange in higher education' Studies in Higher Education 1-12 , DOI Open access
Webber L & Dismore H (2020) 'Mothers and higher education: balancing time, study and space' Journal of Further and Higher Education 1-15 , DOI Open access
Gedye S, Dismore H, Muneer R & Cotton D (2019) 'Damage Limitation: Learning Lessons from Complaints and Appeals Staff on the Handling of Student Grievance' Higher Education Policy , DOI Open access
Dismore HC, Turner R & Huang R (2018) 'Let me edutain you! Practices of student engagement employed by new lecturers' Higher Education Research and Development , DOI Open access
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Dismore H & Bailey R (2005) '“If only”: Outdoor and adventurous activities and generalised academic development' Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning 5, (1) 9-19 , DOI


Other academic activities

External Examiner for MSc Education, University of Southampton