Dr Gustav Kuhn

Dr Gustav Kuhn

Associate Professor in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



1996 – 1999  BSc in Psychology – Sussex University

2000 – 2003  DPhil in Psychology – Sussex University

2004 – 2005  Visiting fellow, Queens University

2005 – 2006  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Durham University

2006 – 2009  Wolfson Research Fellow

2009 – 2011  Lecturer, Brunel University

2011 – 2023  Senior Lecturer/Reader, Goldsmiths, University of London

2023 -       Associate Professor, University of Plymouth, 2023

Professional membership



Teaching interests

PSYC604 - The Misdirected Mind 



Research interests

The MAGIC lab applies an interdisciplinary approach to studying human behaviour and cognition. Our efforts include, but are not limited to using magic to study a wide range of psychological questions, around consciousness, attention, perception, magical beliefs, deception, free will… We strongly encourage an interdisciplinary approach that allows us to bridge the gap between the real world knowledge acquired by magicians and the sciences (Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science…). We use a wide range of experimental methodologies, such as behavioural and neurophysiology measure, eye tracking, and natural observation to study behaviour and cognition in laboratory and real-world settings. 

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Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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