Dr Felix Gradinger

Dr Felix Gradinger

Research Fellow-Integrated Care Researcher in Residence

Clinical Trials & Health Research - Institute of Translational & Stratified Medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)



As part of the research prgramme led by Dr Helen Lloyd and Richard Byng (https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/research/primarycare/person-centred-coordinated-care)
this project seeks to address implementation and impact aspects of the research question: How can multiple initiatives for integrated care improve experience and outcomes for patients with multiple long term conditions in the Torbay and South Devon area? Amongst others, the integrated care organisation (ICO) is planning four internal service evaluations: 1. the ‘frality’ pathway bridging journeys from hospital to people’s homes including the enhanced intermediate care service; 2. A central telephony service providing a single point of access and coordination; 3. Rolling out multi-disciplinary ‘Health&Wellbeing’ teams across five geographical localities; 4. A pilot of a locality-based specialist service to support people with multiple long term conditions. From April 2016-Dec2018, the overall approach will include researching the ICO 'case' across its five localities with a mix of combining stories and numbers building on the above service evaluations, doing additional interviews and observations, and looking at documents. This will be conducted by so called researchers-in-residence, i.e. University researchers based within local NHS organisations. This role involves talking to key stakeholders and members of the public, and includes developing an overarching theory for how the system is responding to local initiatives and their potential impact on the experience of integrated care.


PhD in Public Health, Institute for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany.
MSc in Social and Cultural Theory, Sociology, University of Bristol.
MA International Culture and Business Studies, University of Passau, Germany.

Teaching interests

I take joy in developing myself by developing others and volunteer to mentor my peers informally wherever I can.

For example, at Exeter University this included contributing to monthly Qualitative Research Advice Clinics for staff and students, teaching on the 'making sense of evidence' module to medical students, and the successful bidding for Researcher-led Initiative Awards 2014 teaching two workshops on qualitative interviewing and thematic analysis to service users and students.

During my PhD and as a graduate teaching assistant I also delivered practice-based method seminars at both under- and post-graduate levels at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland.

Currently, I am supervising Master Students at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University: https://www.bangor.ac.uk/mindfulness/postgraduate-courses/

I am also teaching on the MSc in Applied Health Services Research and the PGCert in Clinical Leadership at Exeter University.

Research interests

An efficient and versatile international health services researcher and educator: ►with a multidisciplinary background in the Humanities, Medical Sociology, Clinical Psychology and ► experience in clinical (sleep disorders, mental health) and non-clinical research (public health, systematic reviews, implementation science, public involvement) ► whose research is inspired by a bio-psycho-social model of health, and ► who has applied mainly qualitative but also mixed-/quantitative methods ► with a passion to make public involvement matter in my own and others’ research and teaching.

Previous research:

Jan 2016-Mar 2016
Research Fellow in Systematic Review, NIHR-funded ReGROUP project -The changing general practitioner workforce; conducting a systematic review describing factors influencing GPs decisions to quit patient care within the Evidence Synthesis & Modelling for Health Improvement (ESMI) group, University of Exeter Medical School.

Nov 2013-Feb 2016
Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School, Health Services Research, Evidence Synthesis & Modelling for Health Improvement.
Named researcher on a mixed qualitative methods project entitled 'Accessibility and Implementation in UK services of an effective depression relapse prevention programme: Mindful-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)' (http://medicine.exeter.ac.uk/aspire/) 
Operational delivery of project milestones of two-phase project (interview survey of 40 NHS trusts; 10 ethnographic case studies).

Jan 2013-Oct 2013
Associate Research Fellow, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Department of Psychology, Mood Disorders Centre, University of Exeter, UK, http://www.prevent-southwest.org.uk/
Trial researcher and coordination of eight qualitative work streams within the PREVENT clinical trial: ‘Preventing depressive relapse in NHS settings through mindfulness-based cognitive therapy’.

Feb 2011-Dec 2012
Research Fellow, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, Exeter University, United Kingdom
MRC funded Evidence synthesis and literature review around impacts, values and normative debates within a Public Involvement Impact Assessment Framework (http://www.piiaf.org.uk/).

Dec 2006 – Dec 2010
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of LUCERNE, Switzerland
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology. Both undergraduate and postgraduate levels: developing mixed methods research projects in problem-based learning modules (www.unilu.ch)

Dec 2006 – Dec 2010
Project Leader, Swiss Paraplegic Research, Nottwil, Switzerland (www.paranet.ch)
WHO-Project: ‚Development of ICF Core Sets for Sleep’. Supervising and conducting four preliminary studies (Individual Interviews, Focus Groups, Expert Survey, Literature Review), in the development of a core data set of categories of WHO’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) relevant to people with any kind of sleep disorder. (http://www.icf-core-sets.org/en/page1.php/en/page1.php)

Grants & contracts

Recent/Future submissions with decisions pending:

♦4th July 2018, Co-applicanton evidence synthesis under NIHR RfPB Social Care Call: ‘Social prescribing foradults with social care needs, a synthesis of existing evaluations in the SouthWest’ (Tier 3: £140k).

♦30th May 2018, PrincipalInvestigator on Wellcome Trust Research on Research Concept Note: ‘Increasingresearch capacity and improving services through hybrid roles in health andsocial care systems: an embedded, scoping study exploring mechanisms of impact’(£239,803)

♦31st May 2018; Co-applicanton University of Plymouth Research Innovation & Impact Fund: Developing a‘live’ system to improve patient experience of integrated health and socialcare services in Torbay and South Devon using the P3C-EQ (£44,260)

♦ 04th April 2018:Co-applicant on stage 2 NIHR Programme Development Grant submission (Phase 1deadline Nov 2017) for full trial of a complex intervention: ‘Education andfacilitation to improve clinical decisions and multidisciplinary team-workingwith older adults with multimorbidity’ (PI Richard Lilford; £3,218,227.49, to beresubmitted)

Past submissions (unsuccessful):

♦ 22nd Nov 2017,PI Sheena Asthana – co-applicant on 2 year co-design project on healthy ageingand social prescribing, Public Health Research programme and NIHR Themed Callon: Complex Health and Care Needs in Older People

♦ 12 Septh 2017, PI RodSheaff – co-applicant on NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme Reference:17/52/25 Knowledgable Implementation: an ‘Engaged Scholarship’ approach todeveloping implementation interventions to support adoption of new servicemodels at scale (£569,692.00)

♦ Co-applicant on a bid tothe NIHR Methodology Research Programme (submitted 19.01.17, worth £200.000),on ‘Mixed methods strategies for process evaluations of complex interventions’with Exeter researchers from the HELP, STARS and PREVENT trials(PI-Morgan-Trimmer S, Abraham C, Smith J, Ford T, Hayes R, Hansford L, Wyatt K,Lloyd J).

Past submissions (successful):

♦ Named researcher to theASPIRE Implementation Project (NIHR portfolio worth £451,837.65).

♦Researcher-led InitiativeAwards 2014 (£1000) for two workshops on qualitative interviewing and thematicanalysis

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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