Dr Farid Pazhoohi

Dr Farid Pazhoohi

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



I am the Director of the Evolutionary Social Cognition Lab and Co-Director of Plymouth Face Lab.


Research interests

My interdisciplinary research program focuses on the cognitive, social and neural mechanisms of interpersonal perception, and how attention, perception, decision making, social cognition and interpersonal interactions are influenced by appearance, aesthetics and attractiveness. I also explore the nature and mechanisms by which we use our cognitive abilities to make adaptive, goal directed choices, particularly in the context of social cognition and decision making. I approach my research questions using a variety of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience techniques, such as eye-tracking, virtual reality, and electroencephalography, as well as observational and ethological methods.
  • Social Cognition
  • Interpersonal Perception
  • Visual Cognition and Attention
  • Proxemics
  • Human Behavioural Ecology
  • Evolutionary Social Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology




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