Dr Evelina Valionyte

Dr Evelina Valionyte

Research Assistant in Molecular Cell Biology/Neuroscience

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Barrow ER, Valionyte E, Baxter CR, Yang Y, Herath S, O’Connell WA, Lopatecka J, Strachan A, Woznica W & Stephenson HN (2024) 'Discovery of SQSTM1/p62-dependent P-bodies that regulate the NLRP3 inflammasome' Cell Reports 43, (3) 113935-113935 Publisher Site , DOI
Valionyte E, Barrow ER, Baxter CR & Luo S (2022) 'A dominant-negative regulatory mechanism of SQSTM1 droplets-based autophagy' Autophagy 18, (4) 935-936 , DOI
Valionyte E, Yang Y, Griffiths SA, Bone AT, Barrow ER, Sharma V, Lu B & Luo S (2021) 'The caspase-6–p62 axis modulates p62 droplets based autophagy in a dominant-negative manner' Cell Death & Differentiation , DOI Open access
Roberts SL, Evans T, Yang Y, Fu Y, Button RW, Sipthorpe RJ, Cowan K, Valionyte E, Anichtchik O & Li H (2019) 'Bim contributes to the progression of Huntington's disease-associated phenotypes' Human Molecular Genetics , DOI Open access
Valionyte E, Yang Y, Roberts SL, Kelly J, Lu B & Luo S (2019) 'Lowering Mutant Huntingtin Levels and Toxicity: Autophagy-Endolysosome Pathways in Huntington's Disease' Journal of Molecular Biology 432, (8) 2673-2691 , DOI
Yang Y, Valionyte E, Kelly J & Luo S (2019) 'Histone H3F3/H3.3 chaperone DAXX converts to modulate SQSTM1 phase condensation for NFE2L2 activation' Autophagy 16, (1) 171-172 , DOI