Dr Ellie Edlmann

Dr Ellie Edlmann

Clinical Lectureship in Neurosurgery

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



I started as a clinical lecturer in neurosurgery at the University of Plymouth in October 2019. My time is split 50/50 between my clinical work in the Department of Neurosurgery at Derriford Hospital and my research and teaching time at the University of Plymouth.


I graduated from Brighton and Sussex Medical School in 2008 and completed early medical training in South Thames. I transferred to the South West in 2011 when I started my Neurosurgical training. I took time out of clinical work in 2015 and completed by PhD in Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, before returning here to continue training and my current role.

Professional membership

Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS)

Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS)

European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS)

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

Roles on external bodies

I have been the trainee representative on the specialty advisory committee (SAC) for Neurosurgical training from 2018 - 2020 and have therefore taken an active role in promoting and developing the training strategy for neurosurgeons in the UK.

In 2017-18 I was the chair of the British Neurosurgical Trainees Research Collaborative (BNTRC) which co-ordinates and supports trainees in running national research projects, I continue to be a member of this group.



Teaching interests

I am interested in teaching medical students, junior doctors and allied health professionals on any areas relating to neurosurgery, neuroanatomy or research in this field. I also take on mentoring roles for trainees and students interested in a career in neurosurgery and support projects and publications. 



Research interests

My main research interests have been in the field of head injury and neurosurgery in older patients. During my PhD I worked on the national Dex-CSDH trial which recruited 750 patients to a randomised study on dexamethasone versus placebo to treat chronic subdural haematoma. I have continued this interest in looking at the role of anti-thrombotic medications in head injury. 

I have also helped establish an international collaborative research initiative on chronic subdural haematoma (iCORIC) which meets annually and shares research ideas, methodology and is planning future studies. I am also a member of the trial steering committee for the establishment of a cranioplasty registry and am interested in the long term outcomes of patients following head injury and cranial reconstruction. 

I also conduct research in a wide range of neurosurgical conditions in collaboration with other researchers and students and am always looking for new areas to become involved in. 



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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Additional information

In addition to my passion for neurosurgery, I am a mother and a passionate advocate for the role of women in neurosurgery and academia. I have been invited to be part of an equality and diversity task force led by the EANS to help improve recruitment and working standards for diverse groups within neurosurgery. I think the establishment and availability of good role models in the field is essential and am always happy to be contact by students or colleagues with similar interests.