Mr Duncan Moss

Mr Duncan Moss

Visiting Specialist

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in CLinical Psychology. Specific roles include distanced and e-learning developments 


Msc. in Clincal Psychology (University of London)

Bsc. (Hons) Psychology (Nottingham)

Professional membership

Chartered Clinical Psychologist



Teaching interests

Areas of teaching interest include

  • Exploring reflexivity and uncertainty in clinical psychological practice.
  • 'Consultation' approaches to psychological practice
  • The relevance of social constructionist and allied persepctives in mental health contexts.


Research interests

My recent research interests have centered on exploring qualitatively the experience of 'mindfulness' meditation in collaboration with colleagues from the Peninsula Medical School, (see publications) and looking at this in the contexty of broader reflective questioning of 'research' as a discourse.




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Additional information

I facilitate workshops on mindfulness meditaiton at Sharpham Centre for contemporary Buddhist Enquiry, Ashprington, Devon.