Dr Diego Zamora

Dr Diego Zamora

Lecturer in 3D Design - Design Maker

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Diego Zamora is a lecturer at Plymouth University, he teaches product design and designer-makers. He holds a PhD from the Edinburgh College of Art, exploring the interrelations between digital fabrication and craft; Bending technology sums up years of research into collaboration, creativity and technology. His research was funded by the AHRC Design in Action Knowledge Exchange hub. He holds a Masters in Product Design from Edinburgh College of Art and an undergraduate degree in Design Engineering from Alfonso X University. He has undertaken research in the areas of consumerism and identity, DIY culture and gamification and is passionate about open source hardware and software. He has been running workshops on interactive design at the Technology Institute of Light Industry, Zheng Zhou, China. Diego has professional experience as a project manager of solar energy systems and has worked as a swimming pool and spa designer. He is now exploring the junction between digital fabrication, jewellery and fabric, as well as, developing his independent design practice.


2020         PGCAP and APA, Certificates on Higher Education.

2012-2018    PhD Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh (2019)Thesis; Bending technology; a collaborative approach towards digital fabrication. Supervisors; Chris Speed, Simon Biggs, Debbie Maxwell and Richard Coyne. Fully funded by the AHRC.

2011-2012     MA Product Design Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

2008-to date   Honours degree in Social and cultural Anthropology, UNED (National Distance Education University of Spain).

2003-2007     BEng Industrial Design (second class Honours); Three years degree, Technical engineering, Alfonso X el Sabio University.



Other research

Maxwell, D., Speed, C., Monsen, K., Zamora, D. 2014. Designing a Digital Trickster: Using Folklore to Frame a Pervasive User Experience. [Submitted to CHI 2015]

Mehrpouya, H., Maxwell D. and Zamora D. 2013. Reflections on co-creation: An open source approach to co-creation In Participations Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, 10, 2. Available from http://www.participations.org/Volume%2010/Issue%202/contents.htm

Zamora, D. Oddling, M. 2013. WEAR3D; development of a hybrid between 3D printing and textiles, Textile art: PLA printed polymer, organic cloth, exhibition and public event at Edinburgh Gayfield Creative Spaces 20th August 2014.

Zamora, D. Oddling, M. 2013. WEAR3D; development of a hybrid between 3D printing and textiles Textile art: PLA printed polymer, organic cloth, exhibited at All Makers now? 10-11th of July 2014, Falmouth.

Zamora, D., Connolly, M. 2015. NotToBeReproduced, 3D printed material and painting. Aapt-r Conference, Aarhus, Denmark.

Zamora, D., Connolly, M. 2014, NotToBeReproduced, The State of Art – Sculpture & 3D #2 | Bare Hill Publishing.

Zamora, D., Connolly, M. 2014. NotToBeReproduced, 3D printed material, art piece co-authored during a residency with Black Cube Collective under the ICT-ART project funded by the EU commission. Exhibited at: FoAM, Brussels, 10-12th May 2014.

Zamora, D., Monsen K. and Von Jugendfeld R. 2013. Crafting Public Space: findings from an interdisciplinary outdoor workshop on 3D printing. In Participations Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, 10, 2. Available from http://www.participations.org/Volume%2010/Issue%202/12.pdf

Grants & contracts

2019-to date   Principal investigator; P-LAB, recycling and manufacturing of plastics (2.900£)

2016         Research Assistant; Adorned afterlife, funded by AHRC small grants (50.000£)

2013         Principal Investigator; Devolved researcher fund (2.900£)

2013         ICT ART European commission residency (1.500£; 6 months) Collaboration with Marc Connolly

2006-2007     Erasmus Scholarship at Vitus Bering University, Denmark.



Other Publications

PhD; Bending technology : a collaborative approach towards digital fabrication