Mr Dean Gray

Mr Dean Gray

Lecturer in Paramedic Science

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



Originally from Northern Ireland, Dean moved to Plymouth in 2013 to undertake a BSc in Paramedic Practitioner. Registering as a paramedic in 2016, Dean worked in Cornwall in 3 years before moving back to Plymouth. Since qualifying, Dean always had an interest in clinical skills, and always offered a helping hand with clinical skills sessions, before finally taking the dive into Clinical Education. 

Dean is still a current Practice Educator and has had many students throughout his career with the Ambulance Service. Within the Ambulance Service, Dean is a Lead Paramedic with the South Western Ambulance Service, and is an Acting Operations Officer when there are staff shortfalls in his local area. 

Dean still works Part time with the South Western Ambulance Service as well as working Part time for us at the University of Plymouth. Dean is the currently simulation co-lead and works tirelessly to develop the immersive simulation experience throughout the programme. 


SORT operative - 2022

Operational Commander Training (and up to date with annual portfolio) - 2022

Masters Pathway - Advanced Professional Practice (Health and Social Care) - ONGOING 

Associate Fellow in Higher Education Award - AFHEA - 2021 

Modules Outlined for above pathway 

Level 7 - Research Dissertation - COMMENCING 22/23

Level 7 - Project Design for Research - 2023

Level 7 - Retrieval and Transfer of the Critical Care Patient in Special Situations - 2023

Level 7 - Advanced Clinical Reasoning in the Critical care Patient - 2022 

Level 7 Applying Evidence to Practice - University of Plymouth - 2023

Level 7 Remote Clinical Decision Making - University West of England - 2022

Level 7 Introduction to Teaching and Learning - University if Plymouth - 2022

Level 7 Mental Health Assessment in Urgent, Emergency and Acute Care - University of Plymouth - 2020 

Level 7 Practice Learning and Student Support- University West of England - 2019

Level 7 Leadership and Innovation - University of Plymouth - 2019

BSc Paramedic Practitioner - University of Plymouth - 2016 

Professional membership

Health Care and Professionals Council 

College of Paramedics 



Teaching interests

Dean's interests include clinical skills and all scenario based learning. Dean aims to make his scenarios as realistic as possible to give the students a feel for the real world. Dean likes to work with multidisciplinary teams in multi agency simulations. 



Research interests

Dean's has a keen interest in critical care

Dean is a recruiting paramedic for the following clinical trials;





Other research

in 2021, Dean came up with an idea to roll out wellbeing boxes within local ambulance stations to support those staff who are struggling with their mental health during the Pandemic. with the help of the Staying Well Service, Dean and SWS were awarded a £15,000 grant from HEI. and were able to roll out these boxes amongst ambulance stations within the South Western Ambulance Service