Dr David Mozley

Dr David Mozley

Intellectual Property Manager

Research and Commercialisation Office (Research & Innovation)



Specialist Advisor (IP)

I am responsible for providing advice and support on Intellectual Property Rights in relation to research that is carried out by staff and students at Plymouth University. As part of this role I can:

·         Identify whether there are any registered rights that should be secured (Patents, Registered Design Rights or Trademarks) or whether any unregistered rights can be relied upon (copyright, unregistered design rights, database right or know-how)

·         Assist in the filing of registered rights (Patents, Registered Designs, Trademarks)

·         Determine whether the invention has commercial value

·         Ensure future rights are protected through the use of Non Confidential Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements

·         Commercialise IPR through licensing or the support of a new business venture (spin-out)


BSc in Biochemistry

PhD in Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology,

Masters in Intellectual Property Management

Diploma in law

After completing a PhD at Horticulture Research International I worked as a research scientist in the UK, Germany and Sweden before completing the Masters in IP Management. I have now worked in the field of knowledge transfer for the last 10 years. Firstly I worked as Patent Advisor for a biotechnology company for 3 years in the North of Sweden: as a Technology Transfer Manager at King’s College London for 8 years working with faculties in the Medical School and the Dental Institute; and as an IP Executive at Imperial College London for one year before moving to Plymouth.