Mr Daniel Clarke

Mr Daniel Clarke

Lecturer in Adult Nursing (Education)

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health)



Follwoing my completion of my BN in Adult Nursing at the University of Southampton I moved to Surrey and took up a position as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department.

After meeting my wife we moved back to the west country to start a family.

I took a similar post to above at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

After working there for a number of years I was offered a position with the University of Plymouth as a lecturer in Adult Nursing.

My interests revolve around minor injures and illness across the life span and Emergency Medicine.


BN (Hons) Adult Nursing from Southampton

Masters in Contemporary Healthcare (Education)
Completed PGCAP
Registered Nurse Teacher

A&E Course
Cas Carer (MREW)

My background is military medicine and A&E. I have worked in A&E for a while but I have now changed to lecturing.

I am looking to start either an internship leading to a PhD or a traditional PhD in the next 18 months.

Professional membership





Teaching interests

My main teaching interests are all around the Emergency Department.

Currently I teach Clinical Skills, Biology, Pathophysiology, Acute Care and Minor Injuries and Illness across the life span.

I am a mountain rescue Casualty Carer and regularly teach other medics out on Dartmoor.


Evidence Informed Decision Making
Acute care

Post graduate

Minor Injuries and Illness - Adult and Child



Research interests

I have an interest in Sustainability and Health and Wellbeing of staff and how we can educate staff to be healthier. 

One of the main focuses of recent research are around CLiP and its implementation. This is an exciting model that compliments the new NMC standards of assessors and supervisors.

MSc dissertation - What are the most effective methods of assuring clinical skills acquisition in simulation settings in undergraduate student nurses, peer-to-peer or lecturer led methods?

Clarke, D., Williamson, G. R. & Kane, A. (2018) 'Could students’ experiences of clinical placements be enhanced by implementing a Collaborative Learning in Practice (CliP) model?'. Nurse Education in Practice.

Richardson, J., Clarke, D., Grose, J. & Warwick, P. (2019) 'A cohort study of sustainability education in nursing'. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 20 (4), pp. 747-760.

Williamson, G. R., Bunce, J., Kane, A., Jamison, C. & Clarke, D. (2020) 'Investigating The Implementation of a Collaborative Learning in Practice Model of Nurse Education in a Community Placement Cluster: A Qualitative Study'. The Open Nursing Journal, 14 (1), pp. 39-48.

Williamson, G. R., Kane, A., Plowright, H., Bunce, J., Clarke, D. & Jamison, C. (2020) '‘Thinking like a nurse’. Changing the culture of nursing students′ clinical learning: Implementing collaborative learning in practice'. Nurse Education in Practice, 43 pp. 102742.

Williamson, G. R., Plowright, H., Kane, A., Bunce, J., Clarke, D. & Jamison, C. (2020) 'Collaborative learning in practice: A systematic review and narrative synthesis of the research evidence in nurse education'. Nurse Education in Practice, 43 pp. 102706.

Aronsson, J., Clarke, D., Grose, J. & Richardson, J. (2020) 'Student nurses exposed to sustainability education can challenge practice: A cohort study'. Nursing & Health Sciences,

I am currently conducting research into voice aided dictation in the Emergency Department.




1 - Could students’ experiences of clinical placements be enhanced by implementing a Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP) model - A collaboration with Graham Williamson and Adele Kane.

2 - Collaborative Learning in Practice A systematic review and narrative synthesis - A multi team collaboration.

3 - 'Thinking like a nurse'. Changing the culture of nursing students' clinical learning implementing collaborative learning in practice. - A multi team collaboration.

4 - Attitudes towards climate change and sustainability: A cohort study of students and midwives exposed to sustainability education. - A multi team collaboration

5 - Can scenario-based learning support student nurses to challenge sustainability on practice: a cohort study? - A multi team collaboration.



Reports & invited lectures

I like to be active and cycle a couple of times a week.

As a full hill team member i spend at least one evening a week on the moors and regularly walk over the weekends.

Other academic activities

Module Lead for Minor illness and injuries - the principles and practice of management for unscheduled care.


Minor illness and injury module -