Dr Craig Wight

Dr Craig Wight

External Examiner

TNE and International Partnerships (Plymouth Global)



Craig Wight is a Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism and is Programme Lead for the undergraduate Hospitality Management programmes in the Department. He is interested in destination development and narratives of cultural heritage, including 'genocide heritage' as these relate to the construction of destination discourses. He has a background in commercial consultancy for tourism organisations, having worked at the Moffat Centre in Glasgow during most of the 2000s. He led a range of consultancy and research projects including an annual socio-economic impact study for the 'Freedom' music festival in Hull. He also contributed to a review of tourist information services for Visit Hull and East Yorkshire and wrote strategies for the Scottish Borders and West Dunbartonshire tourism partnerships. Craig has advised both the Scottish and UK National Tourism Organisations having undertaken an analysis of the structures and budgets of International NTOs for VisitBritain and having co-authored a scenario planning report with VisitScotland. He led on a number of socio-economic impact analyses and consultation exercises in Scotland and the UK. He has presented at several tourism conferences including the WASET Cultural Heritage Conference in Paris France (2017), the 'Myths of Tourism' conference in Zadar, Croatia (2012) and the 2nd Advances in Hospitality and Tourism conference in Corfu, Greece (2011). He also presented research at the first National Association of Interpretation conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2006 (on Lithuanian heritage) and the second in this series in Vancouver, Canada in 2007 (on network marketing in rural tourism). He has a PhD from Plymouth University and his work is published in a number of tourism subject journals including in the 4 star Annals of Tourism and Tourism Management journals. 


PhD (Plymouth University, 2014), PgCAP (Plymouth University, 2012), Masters in Research with Distinction, (Glasgow Caledonian University, 2006), BA Hons (First Class) International Travel with Information Systems (Glasgow Caledonian University, 2004).

Professional membership

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 

Roles on external bodies

Reviewer for Tourism Management



Teaching interests

Consumption of tourism and hospitality services; Dark tourism; Research methods; Destination development; Business development and strategy

Staff serving as external examiners

I am External Examiner at the University of Suffolk (appointed 2015) 



Research interests

I undertake research into destination development and this is my principal area of expertise. This encompasses the consultancy work which I have undertaken which includes strategies, options appraisals, product development, impact studies and providing advice to key agencies including VisitBritain and VisitScotland. My academic outputs which are published in major journals such as Tourism Management and Annals of Tourism speak to cultural heritage, and specifically discourse production and consumption in European genocide museums. I also develop academic outputs specifically about tourism related research methodologies. I am interested in post structuralist approaches to knowledge creation, and I typically take orientation from Foucauldian thinking in my own research. I have published widely on these subjects in accredited journals and books and I try to make it along to at least one major international conference per year to presented my research. 

Other research

See 'grants and contracts' for a comprehensive chronology of commercial research.

Grants & contracts

I have undertaken impact studies on festivals and events and also research into museums and memorials in terms of interpretation, national discourses and marketing. I have completed the following business consultancy outputs recently: • A consultation with a cross section of businesses in West Dunbartonshire to develop a visitor loyalty product • A review of the impact of modernisation on the tourist information service infrastructure in Hull and East Yorkshire • Training and management consultancy towards the launch of a Virtual Tourism Information Centre for Visit Hull and East Yorkshire • A service quality training programme titled St Lucia First on the island of St Lucia • A Stakeholder Consultation and Tourism Strategy for West Dunbartonshire Council • A strategic review of attractions consortia in North Wales. • A case study analysis of the structures and budgets of National Tourism Organisations in 6 countries • A Cultural Tourism ‘Learning Journey’ in Glasgow for Norwegian Business owners and academics (learning from best practice amongst Glasgow’s cultural spaces). • Scenario planning (Scotland’s Tourism in 2030, Key Challenges). This has involved in depth industry consultation through a series of workshops, interviews and desk research. • Socio-Economic impact Analyses of the Freedom 2008/09 Festivals in Hull, East Yorkshire. • Project Manager of the William Wilberforce 2007 Bicentenary celebrations in Hull, East Yorkshire for Hull City Council. I managed the primary research element of this project interviewing several events audiences, Members of European Parliament and members of the public to understand awareness and perceptions of William Wilberforce in Hull with ramifications for tourism focussed urban regeneration. I analysed all data sets for this project and produced reportage. • Project Officer for the ICONS Branding (EQUAL) project. This has involved a rigorous, two year period of research and business development activity in two pilot regions within Scotland. The research has piloted the potential of regional tourism icons in the tourism business growth process. Outputs include an established network of micro-business operators in South Lanarkshire with a shared goal and vision to develop the profile of tourism for the region. I have also managed the development of www.visitclydevalley.co.uk to completion in December 2007 as part of this project. The project is currently being mainstreamed to a number of policy influencing figures in Scotland. • Project manager for economic impact analyses of the Burns 2007/2006 celebrations and project support for economic analyses of the /2005/2004 Festivals in Ayrshire for the Burns Festival company • Input towards a ‘Tourism Intelligence Unit’ benchmarking study which included the undertaking of interviews with a number of international tourism experts (from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Ireland) • Joint project leader reviewing travel trade show formats for the Canadian Tourism Commission



JournalArticle with John Lennon and Tony Seaton (2017)

Directions,Disconnect and Critique in WorldwideHospitality and Tourism Themes Vol 9. Issue 2


BookChapter (2016)

The Roleof Situated Learning in Shaping Talent. in S. Horner (Eds) Talent Managementin Hospitality and Tourism. Goodfellow Publishers


JournalArticle (2016):

GenocideMuseums as Discursive Formation in Annals of Tourism Research Vol. 59pp. 60-78


PhDThesis: Speaking of Genocide… Lithuanian Occupation Museums as ‘DiscursiveFormation’ completed at Plymouth University, 2014


JournalArticle (2013):

Myth,Rhetoric and Human Tragedy in Lithuanian Museums and Sites of Memory in ActaTuristica Vol. 25 (2) pp. 191-210


JournalArticle (2013): Identifying best practicein national tourism organisations: Lessons for the United Kingdom in Journalof Vacation Marketing Vol. 19 (2) pp. 133-148


BookChapter (2009):

CompetingNational Narratives: An Ethical Dimension, in Shedding Light on Dark Tourism,Richard Sharpley (Ed)


BookChapter (2009):

EnvironmentalManagement in Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises: Owner Manager Perspectiveswith Sophie Rainford. In: D. Leslie (Ed). Tourism Enterprises and SustainableDevelopment: International Perspectives on Responses to the SustainabilityAgenda, David Leslie (Ed), 2009


Book Chapter (2008):

Re-Engineering Authentic Tourism Encounters with Cuisine inRegional Great Britain, in ‘Food for Thought: Cross-Disciplinary Essays onEating and Culture’, Lawrence Rubin Eds


Book Chapter (2007):

‘The Legerdemain in the Rhetoric ofBattlefield Museums: Historical Pluralism and Cryptic Parti Pris’ inBattlefield Tourism, Chris Ryan (Eds)


Journal article with Prof JohnLennon (2006):

‘Selective Interpretation andEclectic Human Heritage in Lithuania’

in Tourism Management Vol. 28, Issue 2


JournalArticle (2006):

‘Philosophicaland Methodological Praxes in Dark Tourism: Controversy, Contention and theEvolving Paradigm’ Journal of Vacation Marketing, Vol. 12, (2)


Journal Article (2004):

‘Towards an Understanding of Visitor Perceptions of‘Dark’ Attractions’ in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Vol 2 (2)


Research Development Project (in part fulfilment ofMasters of Research):

‘The Discourses of Lithuanian wartime tragedy: A Studyof 2 Museums’, 2006


Dissertation: ‘Visitation and interpretation of theImperial War Museum of the North, Manchester Exhibition’. UndergraduateDissertation (First Class BA Honours) completed at Glasgow CaledonianUniversity Library, 2004




Speaking of Genocide: Lithuanian'Occupation’ Museums and Foucault's Discursive Formation . Presentedat the ICCHT International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Paris,France 23-24 June 2017


Myth,Rhetoric and Human Tragedy in Lithuanian Museums and Sites of Memory. Presentedat Myths of Tourism in Zadar, Croatia. May 9th-12th2013


IdentifyingBest Practice in National Tourism Organisations: Towards StakeholderRelationship Management, presented at the 2nd Advances inHospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference, 31stMay-3rd June 2012


ExploringTourism Narratives of the UK Food Experience presented at Tourist Experiences:Meanings, Motivations, Behaviours, University of Central Lancashire, UK, April2009


Conceptualising Rural ‘Culinary Authenticity’ in GreatBritain, University of Central Lancashire, 2009


IconsBranding and Scottish Regional Identity presented at the Second InternationalInterpreting World Heritage Conference, Vancouver, Canada, March 2007


SelectiveHeritage Interpretation in Lithuania presented at The First Annual InterpretingWorld Heritage Conference, "Connecting People to Placesthrough Sustainable Heritage Tourism", San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 1-5 2006





Reviewer for Tourism Management


Reviewer for AsiaPacific World: The Journal of the International Association for Asia PacificStudies


Editor of Tourism Knowledge Scotland (a KnowledgeTransfer Project)




Reports & invited lectures

Author of a report commissioned by Visit Britain titled 'The Structures and Budgets of International Tourism Organisations'. I gave a presentation, by invitation to an audience at the Dundee Centre for Contemporary Arts. The presentation was titled 'Dark Tourism - from Death Camps to Disgraced Monuments'.

Conferences organised

I organise a day-long conference every year titled 'Hospitality and Tourism Futures'. The aim of this conference is to connect  students with industry experts and to bring these experts together in a forum that addresses contemporary developments in the marketplace. 

Themes from previous years include: 

- Luxury versus budget: the evolution of innovation in two increasingly similar sectors 
- Trends and drivers shaping the future of tourism and hospitality 
- Generational perceptions of tourism and hospitality products 
- Skills and talent in tourism and hospitality 

I also co-organise the annual Hotel School 'Patron's Conference' within the school. Recent guest speakers include Alex Polizzi (Channel 4's 'Hotel Inspector) and Guy Watson, founder and CEO of Riverford Organic Food.