Dr Claire Hutchinson

Dr Claire Hutchinson

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)

Honorary Senior Lecturer
Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

Consultant Haematologist
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust


I trained at the University of Nottingham Medical School completing my Haematology Specialist training in Manchester in August 2011. I was awarded a 3 year Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Clinical Research Training Fellowship studying the adhesion, cell interactions and migration in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia at the University of Manchester. I was awarded my PhD in 2011. I subsequently worked as a clinical Research Fellow at the MRC toxicology Unit at the University of Leicester studying the effects of novel targeted-agents in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and acting as co-investigator in the phase 1 trial of ONO4059 BTK inhibitor in patients with relapsed/refractory chronic lymphocytic leukaemia or mantle cell lymphoma. My present position as Senior Lecturer and Consultant Haematologist commenced April 2014 allowing me to continue my clinical skills and trials experience while establishing a new research group focusing on lymphoproliferative diseases at Plymouth University.

Teaching interests

I run Research Special Study Units, conduct undergraduate lectures and undertake formal and informal clinical teaching.

Research interests

My own focus is in understanding behaviour of neoplastic lymphocytes of CLL/MCL within tissue microenvironments and applying that understanding to look at how novel treatments targeted at signal molecules (such as BTK) achieve their effects. Applying this understanding I aim to improve clinical outcome through the development of novel treatment combinations, and the identification of biomarkers which will help predict patient response to treatment. This work benefits from our ethically approved lymphoproliferative disorders tissue bank which allows for approved research studies on samples from patients with these disorders. This work complements my work as Consultant Haematologist and my role within the clinical department and Haematology Clinical Trials Unit.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

I presently surpervise 2 PhD students and 1 MD student.

Grants & contracts

Funding awarded through a BSH fellowship, Plymouth and District Leukaemia Fund, Cornwall Leukaemia Trust, Research and Development department Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.


Since 2014

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